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Bigfoot In Thailand
Searching For Bigfoot
Bigfoot In Thailand See More

searching for bigfoot
Bigfoot Warning Signs Posted By Government Agencies In California, New Mexico and Wyoming

Bigfoot Warning Signs California, New Mexico and Wyoming

WyDOT (Wyoming Department of Transportation) District 5 in northwest Wyoming has re-posted a U.S. Forest Service warning sign from California. Taos County Sheriff's Office in New Mexico has also posted the Bigfoot warning signs on their social media sites.

Let Us Know (call and/or send pictures) if you see these signs out there OR when you see signs of Bigfoot activity

Alabama Bigfoot Photo

Bigfoot Alabama Photo

RARE FIND: Okie Mountain, Cleburne County, Alabama. This 1883 photo of a Bigfoot like creature was found at a family homestead property buried in a mason jar. Has anyone seen a photo like this before? Please contact the Bigfoot Hotline.

Bigfoot Sighting Recorded In Montana

Bigfoot Montana Sighting Photo

Crystal from Montana caught this on her motion triggered trail camera.
Look what she caught. Have you seen this creature before also? Let us know.

Bigfoot Sighting Photo Released - February 12, 2022
Have You Seen A Creature Like This Before?
Tell Us What You Think

October 2022 Bigfoot Photo

These Photos and Many Other Bigfoot Sighting Reports
Are Discussed Every Wednesday Night on
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Real Bigfoot Howl Captured on Video!

The Searching For Bigfoot Team is Now Out In The Field Investigating This Bigfoot Encounter Report

THE UNKNOWN - Rare Paranormal Photos
See The Glimmerman, Frae and UFOs Photos - All In One CLICK HERE

New Paranormal Movie - Monsters, Myths and Mysteries
See More

In the upcoming paranormal movie; Monsters, Myths and Mysteries legendary Bigfoot phenomenon researcher, Tom Biscardi, investigates a variety of unexplained paranormal stories, myths and terrifying mysteries including; UFO sightings, ghosts and evidence of mythical monsters.

See News Release Here

Uncover The Truth - Monsters, Myths and Mysteries

First In A Series Of New Paranormal Films From Biscardi Bigfoot Brand Productions
Award winning Bigfoot Researcher, Tom Biscardi Explores Paranormal Mysteries

paranormal movie


March 17, 2022 -- Bigfoot Evidence Report: Georgia Burial Find -- See Report and Photos

Listen To mp3 file or Listen on Podcast Site

Pursuing the Red Haired Giants at Lovelock Cave -- See News

Report Your Bigfoot Sightings and Encounters

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Watch Trailer HERE

new 2018 Bigfoot movies
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BRUTAL BIGFOOT - New Bigfoot Movie Released - First of Five Films -- See More

Bigfoot Sightings Spring 2017 Expedition Wrap Up News

Bigfoot Bounty News - Bigfoot Picture Taken From Ohio Bigfoot Sighting
Fox News 8 Cleveland and WKBN 27 News Coverage

Bigfoot movies

Bigfoot Movies

Presenting The Official Classic Searching For Bigfoot Movies Collection. Award Winning Documentary Films. Own The Classic Bigfoot Movies. See MORE - Get Them HERE

Bigfoot movies

Bigfoot LIVE Show

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New Bigfoot Sightings Encounters News

Bigfoot News

Get the latest news and information on new Bigfoot Sightings, Bigfoot Encounters, Bigfoot Movies, Bigfoot Videos, Bigfoot Products and Searching For Bigfoot, Inc., Inc. (BGFT) Stock News. Visit the BIGFOOT News Page

Finding Bigfoot, New Bigfoot Sightings

Bigfoot Sightings Expeditions

Follow The Searching For Bigfoot Team on Bigfoot Hunting Expeditions. Find Bigfoot with us. Travel across the USA investigating Real Bigfoot Sightings and Encounters, as we interview real people who have had Bigfoot experiences. Explore with us as we take the Search For Bigfoot into remote wilderness locations where the creature has been sighted.

Finding Bigfoot

Help us in our search to find Bigfoot

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Tom Biscardi And The Legendary Searching For Bigfoot Team Welcomes You To The Official Bigfoot Sasquatch Hunters Information Site. Now You Can Join Us As We Respond, Research, Interview, Investigate and Analyze Sightings, Encounters and Evidence Of The Bigfoot Sasquatch Creature Across The United States, Canada and Around The World.

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We are now filming for a new Bigfoot Documentary and a Bigfoot Reality Show.
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Searching For Bigfoot, Inc.

Searching For Bigfoot, Inc. mission is to create exciting and interesting proprietary investment projects and entertainment properties surrounding the mythology, research, and potential capture of the creature known as Bigfoot. The Company performs research in determining the existence of an elusive creature commonly called Bigfoot. Searching For Bigfoot, Inc. plans to establish itself as the most reliable and dependable source for materials including documentaries, physical evidence, and eye witness accounts for the purpose of documenting the evidence of the existence of Bigfoot.

The Company's Searching For Bigfoot Team conducts Bigfoot hunting expeditions. The team travels across the country investigating, interviewing, surveying sighting locations and following up on current and past Bigfoot sightings and encounters. Expeditions include exploring remote wilderness locations where the creature has been sighted. These expeditions have produced extensive hours of raw footage which can be used for movie development.

Negotiations have been initiated with 3D Movie production companies to produce a movie called "Bigfoot 3D". Established production companies with affiliated networks are also being sought to work on a new reality based Bigfoot Hunt show.


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