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Bigfoot Spotted In Panama City, Florida - Search Team Investigates

Panama City, Florida Bigfoot Investigation Led by Tom Biscardi,
The Godfather of Bigfoot and The Real Bigfoot Hunter

May 10, 2018 -- Searching For Bigfoot, Inc. is continuing the research of the creature known as Bigfoot.

The spring expedition is well underway with the team stopping in Missouri, Arkansas and Alabama. The team has been working on gathering evidence and continuing in the filming of the second movie in the Brutal Bigfoot series.

Compelling evidence has led the Godfather of "Bigfoot" Tom Biscardi who will be flying in from California to join his A Team to a location outside of Panama City Beach.

A local resident has submitted footage collected from his trail camera of an unidentified creature near the Apalachicola River! The footage has been reviewed by the lab run by Mr. Biscardi's experts who have verified that the footage is unaltered. In the footage a Creature is seen transitioning from crawling to bi-pedal walking. The Creature appears to be striding on two feet for a good distance. Mr. Biscardi will be inviting a select few from the media to join him and his crew to see and document how the industry leading researchers collect evidence and strive to prove the existence of the creature known by many names including Bigfoot. The team will be meeting with media, Monday, May 14th. Also attending the meeting will be individuals who have had encounters in the surrounding Area at the Conservation Park west end of Panama City Beach area. The team will be investigating May 14th through the 16th.

If you would like to join in the meeting use the contact information in this press release to reserve your space.

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