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Missouri Boy Scouts Troop Finds Bigfoot Footprints - Calls Search Team In

See News on Searching For Bigfoot Investigations in Kansas City, Missouri Area:

Footprint leads to Search for Bigfoot near Kansas City suburb

Boy Scouts troop tip leads to Bigfoot hunt in Missouri

The spring expedition is well underway with the team stopping in Missouri, Arkansas and Alabama. The team has been working on gathering evidence and continuing in the filming of the second movie in the Brutal Bigfoot series.

Unusual footprint leads to search for Bigfoot in Lee's Summit area
Boy Scouts leader took picture showing large footprints

LEE'S SUMMIT, Missouri - One of the world's most famous Bigfoot searchers says there's evidence the creature might be in the Lee's Summit area.

"We heard the chattering at night," said Jeff Newhard, who's a Boy Scouts leader. "Of course, I was curious but I wasn't that curious to run on down there."

Newhard said his troop woke up to large footprints outside their campsite near Lake Jacomo three weeks ago. That's why he called in nationally known Bigfoot hunter Tom Biscardi.

On Friday, Biscardi, Newhard and others walked the trail, and searched the caves a crevasses. They installed night-vision cameras in an effort to explain a picture taken by Newhard and his troop showing the footprints.

Biscardi said his hotline gets more than 10,000 calls a year on Bigfoot sightings. But he said the one in Lee's Summit was a strong tip.

"The caves that you people have in Kansas City, they're phenomenal because these are the places where these creatures love to have to habitat," Biscardi said.

With cameras in place and listening devices in hand, it's now a game of waiting and watching, and monitoring the caves.

"These creatures are going to find a place to chill out and hide, you know? They don't want to be found," T.J. Biscardi said.

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