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Bigfoot Spring Expedition Begins

The Godfather of Bigfoot has dispatched his "A Team" and is joining them in Missouri to investigate local encounters with the Creature known as Bigfoot

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April 25, 2018 -- The Bigfoot Hotlines are humming with reports of new encounters with the creature known as Bigfoot. Bigfoot Project Investments Inc. A public company traded under the ticker symbol BGFT, is continuing it's pursuit of the Creature. Continuing their journey in researching and documenting evidence of the creature known as Bigfoot.

The creatures are on the move to their summer nesting grounds. New encounters are being reported on a daily basis. For those who study this creature, this is nothing new. This is the time of year that the family pods follow their migratory route to their summer location. In the past the team has tracked the creature through Arkansas, Oklahoma and into Texas. It appears that the creatures might be establishing a new migratory route through the heart of America.

The team has listened to the stories and combed through the evidence to establish their Spring Expedition Route starting in the heart of the country, Missouri. Reports from a local Scout leader have brought the "A Team" to Jackson County, Missouri for the first investigatory location in the spring tour.

The Godfather of Bigfoot hunters, Mr. Biscardi is inviting all Media sources i.e. Newspaper, T.V., Radio and concerned citizens to join his Team while they look for the illusive Beast in the Jackson County area.

The sight is one of the locations in which a Boy Scout Troop Leader with his troop were on an overnight for survival training. The troop was camping for the weekend. During their stay in the area they found large Man- Like Creature prints in the ground. Later that same day they heard unfamiliar sounds during the night. The Scout Leader stated that some of the boys were frightened by the activity but the sounds were not near the camp so the boys were never in any danger. The troop has since moved the location of their overnights to avoid that area. Not far east of that location other encounters have been reported on a remote farm that sports two separate water sources. The activity from this location has been frequent and the land owners are very interested in obtaining some irrefutable evidence of the existence of the hairy hominoid that frequents their property.

This is Mr. Biscardi's 51st year in the industry and he and the team have high hopes that Jackson County will the area where they will find the Beast!

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