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Finding Bigfoot Alabama Follow Up

Come with us as we join Chuck Creel and Mike Sims to continue investigating their stories in Alabama!===

''Here are three generations of Creel men helping us to investigate this mystery!''

We Arived at Chuck and Kelli Creel's home in Chancellor Alabama on Sunday, January 13, just past 6:30 in the morning. We said a quick hello and Chuck showed us to the rooms he had set up for us. We had driven straight through from our visit with the White River Apache Nation in Arizona and were exhausted. Chuck and his wife Kelli told us to go to bed and that they would wake us in a couple of hours so we could plan out our day. About 9:00 am, Chuck got us up and we met with him and Mike Sims. Mike and Chuck had been doing a lot of work investigating the stories and locations that other local people had shared with them, prior to our arrival and had lots to tell and show us. Chuck and Mike shared a story that a local woman, Ramona Gardner, shared with them (and also on the Bigfoot Live Radio show), about her encounter with a creature. We decided to head off and meet this person ourselves and see what we could learn. Chuck and Mike agreed and we arrived at the place Ramona had her encounter about noon. Ramona was there to meet us and Steve Kulls and myself (JavaBob) re-interviewed this lovely lady, while the rest of the team took a look around the surrounding area, setting up some trip cameras in strategic areas.
I met with Ramona and asked her if she would attempt to recreate the encounter using me as the creature so that I might be able to estimate distances, sizes, and other physical aspects of the experience. After that brief exchange, Steve Kulls, did an indepth interview with Ramona, which we recorded (with her permission). We will post pictures and that recording on this site, when we get back to the office and have use of more of our equipment. ''''(Come back and keep checking this site for more updates.)'''' In the mean time, my estimates indicate that the creature was standing about 16 - 20 feet away from Ramona during the encounter. It was straight in front of her and she would have had an unobstructed view. She was on the front porch of the trailer she was staying at and the creature would have been standing at the bottom of a small hill. It would have been 16 - 20 feet straight ahead of her and about 6 feet lower than where she was standing. When I asked her if it was taller or shorter than me, (I am just a little taller than 6 foot), she said probable two or two and 1/2 feet taller than me.
Listen to Steve Kull's interview with Ramona!
=== There were some bushes behind me and I asked her if she noticed where the creature's head came on those bushes, she said yes and pointed out approximately where. We measured that spot and found it to be just about 8 feet from the ground, confirming my estimates.
It was clear there was something in this area and we were determined to find out about it! We did all we could before running out of daylight and decided to go back to Chuck Creels house and make plans for a physical exploration of the area. We needed to identify what kind of equipment we would might need to get around the area safely. About 1/4 mile beyond the place of this encounter is a swampy area and a river, heavy woods, and some cleared feed lots and deer stands. We met with the owner of this property to get his approval to come back, set up a base camp, and do our investigations. He agreed and also shared more history from this area.
We headed back to the Creel home and began making arrangements to come back with the proper equipment for an extended stay in the area. This included a boat and infra-red night viewing remote cameras.
''There is much more to this and other encounters in this immediate area. I am not able to get it all onto this website at this time, but I will promise to share it all with you as soon as I physically can get it done. In the mean time, here are just a couple of photos of what will be coming!''

''Find out what we believe killed this deer and why a local hunter wouldn't leave this stand!''

''''Report from Steve Kulls:'''' I was shown a deer head found by the locals, whom stated they found no obvious wounds, fractures or internal bleeding on the trunk of an 8 point buck. The animal upon examination was found dead in the forests surrounding a research area, where a hunter in November had claimed an encounter while in a deer stand nearby and refused to get out of the deer stand until friends came to retrieve him. The animal had one rack of antlers missing and the other rack was intact and unscathed with no obvious signs it had been in a fight with another buck. There was a lack of any facial trauma as well. When observing the area where the antler was missing, it was apparent that the animal most likely expired from a sub-dural hematoma caused by the removal of the antler. The removal of the antler causes much more questions than answers, as the missing antler was not found, despite a thorough search, and was not cut, but appeared to have been ripped out, as the removal caused a skull fracture resulting in the hematoma.

''Learn what happened to JavaBob while he monitored the cameras and what TJ and the team found in the woods!''

''TJ and Steve found a deer at the bottom of a hill. It had all it's skin pulled off and it's inards missing!'' ''First though was it may have been a large animal kill, but Steve did find the bullet hole, which debunked our theory...''

From this point on, I will give you short notes from my daily log. Once I get back to the office, I will try to answer all the questions my notes raise and post many more photos!

On 01/14/08, we had to take TJ into town to see an emergency dentist. It seemed he had developed a badly absessed tooth and needed to have it pulled. After the extraction, we headed back to Chuck Creels home to get set up for the next day in the field. TJ was very uncomfortable, but we had a job to do and setup to go do it.

On 01/15-16/08, we stayed at the Creel residence until about 1pm to recieve a package from a Dr. Lynch. Dr Lynch had been working on some special equipment that might help us locate a creature at night and help us document the finding at the same time. He wanted us to field test the new equipment and send him back the results so he could hone his designs. After we recieved the equipment, we headed back out into the field and set up our cameras and other equipment. We monitored the equipment for several hours and attempted several differant calls and attraction methods, including tree knocking. We had no luck with any of it. After a bit, while JavaBob was monitoring the remote cameras, TJ decided to attempt to mimic some animal sounds using a whistle. Some thing none of us had tried in the past. To our amazement, we began to hear footsteps moving around us in the dark! In a few minutes, there was a very loud tree knock that seemed to be coming from about 10 to 15 yards away! We grabbed our IR equipment, thermal imagers, and hand held night cameras and rushed towards the sound... but could find nothing. We looked for about an hour but saw no signs of anything in the deep wooded areas around us. We spent another couple of hours repeating our whistle calls and tree knocking but to no avail. By early morning, a freezing rain began falling and the winds picked up considerably so we packed up our equipment and headed back to the Creel residence.

On 01/17/08, I stayed back to catch up on laundry and some of my notes while the rest of the team headed out to the area we had been monitoring. They went out to pick up the trip cameras we had left in the field and to look for a cave that some of the locals had told us about. We were told that the cave had a very foul odor and that they would not go into it to investigate what might be inside.

''Mike Sims piloted TJ and Steve Kulls to attempt to find the cave...''

The team had to get across a very fast running creek to get to the area where the creek was reported to be. Chuck Creel and Mike Sims arranged for us to get a boat and attempted to cross the creek to find the cave. The creek was running too fast due to the recent rains and after several attempts to cross it, the team was forced to abort this mission. When they returned, we found that there were more than 100 pictures to be checked out, on the trip cameras. We cleaned, recharged, and preped our equipment for the next days work and tried to get a little sleep before setting out again.

01/18/08, The team headed out the area where they had seen the creature on their prior visit to Alabama. This was on private property and after getting all of the required releases and permissions, we headed on out. We followed Mike Sims to a spot close to the bottoms were we thought the creature may reside. We set up camp, but very soon after that it began to rain again. We stayed as long as possible, but it was getting so muddy and wet, that we were afraid we would not be able to get back out again, so after only a few hours in the freezing rain, we packed back up and headed back to the Creel residence.

01/19/08, Mike Sims and Chuck Creel have a place that they use for hunting. It has a little shed on it that overlooks a very large meadow, surrounded by heavy woods that lead off to some swampy areas. We went with them out to this area to see if it would be possible to set up out there. There had not been any known sightings there, but he area sounded like good habitat and with the shed, we could stay out of the rain. As it turned out the shed was actually a small cabin built on the upper part of an old barn. It had a propane heater and several cots. It gave us excellent views of the surrounding woods and kept us warm and dry. We spent the night there and monitored the surrounding areas, but saw and heard nothing.

01/20-21/08, We headed back to the Creel residence to make arrangements to visit another local ranch. Several of the people who live on this ranch had seen the creature in recent weeks and wanted us to come and investigate the area to help them verify what they had seen. They did not want their names used or the location of their ranch shared with anyone, so we gave our assurances to honor their wishes and headed out to set up a base camp. We got to the ranch by early afternoon and set up our camp. We deployed four remote IR cameras and five static trip cameras. We broke up into three, two man teams, while I stayed back to monitor the remote cameras. Team #1, was TJ Biscardi and Chuck Creel, team #2 was Greg Worthington and Collin Creel, and team #3 was Mike Sims and Steve Kulls. Team #1 headed off towards the E of the base camp, into the woods and towards a swampy area to look for evidence and signs. Team #2 headed out towards the NW to do the same. Team #3 headed off towards the East. There was a main road to our SW, so the three teams had almost all of our surrounding areas covered. We remained in contact using our hand held walkie-talkies. Within and hour, team three called in with a possible set of tracks and just few minutes later, team one called in with a set of tracks as well! Both teams marked the areas and after a couple more hours of searching, I called all teams back to the base camp to compare notes. The teams discussed their findings with each other and then went back to the sighting areas together. They went out to Team#3's finding first. After closer examination, the determined the the tracks found were not those of a creature, but most likely of other animals. However, when they returned to the area of Team#1's sighting, they all agreed that these were some type of human like prints. They could clearly see a big toe and heal print. There were several prints there, but the teams could only find one that was clear enough to attempt a casting. They took a cast of that print and we are bringing it back to our lab for a closer inspection. Due to the poor quality of the cast, we are not yet ready to say if it is or is not a creature, but once our analysis is complete, we will post the results and pictures of the print.

''The raw print and the casting of the same...''

01/22-23/08, After returning from the non-disclosed area, we went back to the Creel residence to get a few hours sleep and recharge our equipment. The following afternoon, we headed out to the family farm of George Williams. This was over 300 acers of cattle ranch that had been in his family for going on two centuries! George told us that he had never seen or heard anything on the property before, but then again, he had never really looked. The property back up against the same creek that we had investigated at the beginning of this expedition where there had been several sightings. The habitat was ideal, rich with food sources, cover, and access to the bottoms where a creature to move undetected through out the surrounding areas. We decided to find a likely site on the ranch and set up a camp. We found a place far from any homes or roads that was close to the creek, had a fish filled pond on it, and lots of good tree cover. We set up our equipment and began our wait. We stayed there until early Thursday morning, but had no luck. No signs at all. No prints, no smells, no replies to our calls, nothing. We were not disapointed however, because we know that you have to turn over a lot of stones before you find a jem. I, however, did learn a valuable lession on this particular site. I learned not to mess with FIRE ANTS! While picking up fire wood, I picked up a log that was home to colony of fire ants. I was bitten at least 20 times before I was able wipe off the hoards of protective ants that were defending their colony! A lesson I will remember for a long time!
==There is much more to come as the team finishes this four week plus expedition.. Stay tuned for much - - much more!!==

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