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Finding Bigfoot Show Does Bigfoot Exist

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Bigfoot Show

The Real Finding Bigfoot Show. Live Broadcast Covering New Bigfoot Sightings and Encounters.

Get The Facts. Hear About Expedition Updates and The Latest New Bigfoot Sightings & Encounters.

Hosted by The Godfather of Bigfoot, legendary Bigfoot Hunter, Tom Biscardi. Hear Tom, Marco Bill and Searching For Bigfoot Expedition Team Leader, T J Biscardi take calls from Real People who have had Real Bigfoot Encounters.

Fasten Your Seatbelts America For a Ride on the Fast Track of Bigfoot Encounters! Sit Back and Relax While We Bring You Bigfoot Reality Entertainment at it's Finest.

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AND we now filming for a new Bigfoot Documentary and a Bigfoot Reality Show.
You Could Be In It. Report Your Bigfoot Sightings & Encounters

Hear about the latest New Bigfoot Sightings, Examine Eye Witness Interviews and explore with us Live Bigfoot Encounters and updates of past experiences. Join us from the field! As We See It AND You Live It With Us.

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Discover The Truth as We Interview, Investigate and EXPOSE the people involved in perpetrating "The Hoax of the Century"!

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For over 45 years the world has been fooled by two men, Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin. They and a group of people were complicit in creating an Iconic legend based on lies and deception. This group of people created an image that was perpetrated upon the public as a hoax for monetary benefit.

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Bigfoot News

Get the latest news and information on new Bigfoot Sightings, Bigfoot Encounters, Bigfoot Movies, Bigfoot Videos, Bigfoot Products and Bigfoot Project Investments, Inc. (BGFT) Stock News. Visit the BIGFOOT News Page

Finding Bigfoot, New Bigfoot Sightings

Bigfoot Sightings Expeditions

Follow The Searching For Bigfoot Team on Bigfoot Hunting Expeditions. Find Bigfoot with us. Travel across the USA investigating Real Bigfoot Sightings and Encounters, as we interview real people who have had Bigfoot experiences. Explore with us as we take the Search For Bigfoot into remote wilderness locations where the creature has been sighted.

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Invest In Bigfoot

Bigfoot Project Investments, Inc. is a publicly traded company with the stock symbol BFGT. Find out more. Visit the Investors Information Page

Searching For Bigfoot and Bigfoot Project Investments, Inc.

Bigfoot Project Investments mission is to create exciting and interesting proprietary investment projects and entertainment properties surrounding the mythology, research, and potential capture of the creature known as Bigfoot. The Company performs research in determining the existence of an elusive creature commonly called Bigfoot. Bigfoot Project Investments plans to establish itself as the most reliable and dependable source for materials including documentaries, physical evidence, and eye witness accounts for the purpose of documenting the evidence of the existence of Bigfoot.

The Company's Searching For Bigfoot Team conducts Bigfoot hunting expeditions. The team travels across the country investigating, interviewing, surveying sighting locations and following up on current and past Bigfoot sightings and encounters. Expeditions include exploring remote wilderness locations where the creature has been sighted. These expeditions have produced extensive hours of raw footage which can be used for movie development.

Negotiations have been initiated with 3D Movie production companies to produce a movie called "Bigfoot 3D". Established production companies with affiliated networks are also being sought to work on a new reality based Bigfoot Hunt show.

" Bigfoot Alley" Area Bigfoot Museum, Entertainment Center and Hotel: Bigfoot Project Investments has established an agreement to begin construction of a luxury hotel, entertainment center and museum inside the famous East Glacier Park in Montana. The entertainment center will present live shows. The area provides visitors close access to 3 famous national parks. This location is in one of the areas known as "Bigfoot Alley", a suspected migratory path for Sasquatch.