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Other facts: "I believe that if anyone can find it, it will be Tom and his crew." - JavaBob

Source: [Searching For Bigfoot]

June-July 2008

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Catskill, New York 08

See Tom Biscardi's interview on FOX News about the Catskill Expedition!

After a couple of weeks off, see May 2008 , the SFBI team is back on the road! We started this current multi-state expedition in Catskill, New York. Tom Biscardi received a phone call from a Patricia Williams in New York. Patricia was very upset and frightened about seeing a creature in her backyard! She explained that this creature was coming into her yard and stealing her pet pig's food from the pen. Patricia's mother, Carrol Medici, thought it might be better to try and befriend this creature, so the two ladies began putting food out for it near the pig's pen. The creature, has been coming back every night now for several weeks.

Tom was intrigued and called upon some of our associates on the East Coast. He contacted our good friends the "Squatch_Detective" Steve Kulls and our long time friend and associate, Becky Sawyer. Tom asked them to drive out and do some preliminary investigation for us, before committing the SFBI team to a three thousand mile expedition.

Steve Kulls, Tom Biscardi, Becky Sawyer and Patricia's daughter Alexa

Steve picked up Becky and they drove out to Patricia's Catskill home within two hours of Tom's phone call! After meeting with Patricia and her family, Steve exercised his extensive interviewing skills, while Becky did a primary search of the area. After several hours, they called Tom back with the news! Both Steve and Becky felt that the Patricia and her family had been having some unusual experiences that were quite possibly the result of a visit from a creature.

Steve shared that his interviews indicated that it was very probable that all of the family had been telling the truth as they believed it. Becky went even further and shared that she found what may have been a foot print and a possible bedding area in the near by woods! As the Steve and Becky researched more fully, they both said they had even heard heavy foot falls in the woods from, what they believed to be, a large bipedal animal! They also both shared with Tom that they actually saw a large shadow running between some large trees in the area!!

This confirmation from our trusted colleagues was enough to warrant the deployment of the SFBI rapid response capture team. Tom assembled the team and we were on the road before the week was out! The crew for this expedition was TJ Biscardi, Brian Mazzola, JC Johnson, Leonard Dan, and myself; Java-Bob. Tom Biscardi Sr. who was tied up with some corporate business, was unable come along with us, but would be meeting us out there within 8 hours of our arrival.

Once on site, we spent a couple of hours getting to know our hosts and general area we would be investigating. We began with a general overview of the area.

The road that Patricia lives on and the beginning of the woods behind her house

Although the area was very rural and heavily wooded, it appeared to be reasonably well populated, with homes dispersed through out. At first glance, it seemed to be an unlikely place to have a creature come back to visit, almost nightly! I could see a migratory animal passing through once in a great while, but not hanging around. We made the decision to walk the perimeter of the approximate four acer lot and see what we could find. Within just a few minutes of hiking, we found our explanation.

As our previous research has taught us, these creatures tend to travel and migrate through low lands and river bottoms. Staying in the bottom areas, where the cover is densest, and traveling only at night, they can remain hidden from view and are free to travel through lightly populated areas with little fear of ever being seen!

Sure enough, we found that there was a small creek on the back of the property that lead to a larger creek bottom that dropped into the Hudson River drainage. All through very dense under growth and without having to cross any roads or open areas! A perfect "hidden highway system"!

The small creek that boarded the back of the yard and the beginning of the Hudson River Drainage it connected to

The story was that the creature would come up through the back of the property, (from the creek areas), and then remain in the trees for a while before coming to the back of the pig pen. There, it would come over to the side of the pen and reach inside to grab food. Mostly the bread and rolls that the Patricia's family would drop in as a treat for "Charlotte", their pet pig.

"Beautiful" Charlotte, her bread, and Patricia's mom Carrol at the "feeding" place

Everything was falling into place. The team had met all of the people involved and it was clear to all of us that they believed everything they shared with us... They told us that they had all seen this creature, even a baby creature along with it. Patricia, her seven year old daughter Alexa, and even "Grandma" Carrol had all see these creatures! It was time for the hard work to begin!

It was time for the team to attempt to find the evidence that might verify this story. We began by setting up trip cameras through out the woods, in areas that we suspect would be where the creature might travel to get to the food. We also set up infa-red recording cameras that would allow us to remotely monitor and record any activity throughout the long night ahead of us. We checked out all of our night vision equipment and deployed the team in strategic areas to monitor the entire area of operations.

Patricia Williams talks to TJ Biscardi and Brian Mazzola about what she has seen and where she has seen it

The team placed cameras in stratigic places through out the area. They put up the IR equipment in areas that monitored the yard as well as in specific areas such as the pig pen and feeding areas. Now we waited for Tom Biscardi Sr. to arrive. Steve Kulls and Becky Sawyer were picking Tom up at the airport in Albany, New York and bringing him directly to the investigation site.

Note the IR camera on the roof... Here is a spot out front where the creatures were seen... Trip cameras in the woods...

Patricia had told us that she heard the creature moving around in the woods behind the house, so she threw a rock towards the sounds... In just a moment, the rock came flying back! Then she picked up her son's football and threw it towards the sounds as well... Once again, the football came flying back too! Patricia explained that she doesn't fear the creature, but is simply fascinated by her experiences with it. She tells us that even her daughter has seen it. Her daughter, Alexa is only seven years old and has seen the creature while looking out of her bedroom window. Alexa is not as comfortable about the creature being in her back yard. Alexa tells me that " scares me because it is so big!".

Alexa... Patricia's seven year old daughter

We monitored the situation throughout the night and did not see or hear anything unusual. We did film a very large raccoon removing food from the pig's pen and several cats taking food from the areas where food had been set out for the creatures, but no signs of the creature. We do find that the area may be suitable for a creature and that the eye witness accounts are credible, but we could not verify anything at this time. It is conceivable that our presence was enough to keep the creatures away for the evening. Our associates in the area will continue to monitor the situation and we will stay in touch with Patricia and her family. Hopefully, we will be able to get some tangible evidence from this site in the very near future! In the mean time, we are moving out to an area in North Carolina where a man tells us he can guarantee that we will see a creature! We will keep you all informed of what we find, and we will continue to monitor this site in New York.

Phillip Morris

On the way to North Carolina to meet with Tom Burnette, the man who claims to have a skull from a baby "Bigfoot", we stopped in to meet with Phillip Morris. Phillip Morris is one of the largest makers and distributors of costumes in the United States. As it turned out, Tom Biscardi and Phillip Morris have several mutual friends in the entertainment business and had many fascinating stories to share with the rest of the SFBI team!

Meeting Mr. Morris was one of this writers most enjoyable experiences. He is truly a living legend. He opened his warehouse for us and let us see some of the most exciting works of art and moving making history I have ever seen! He is a man of passion with a truly artistic talent that makes him unique among all of the people I have ever met!

Phillip Morris and Tom Biscardi in Mr. Morris's graphic artists lab

A picture is worth a thousand words... so I will simply show a few pictures of Mr. Morris's work and you will understand the artistic ability and passion of this unique man!

Just a couple of the costumes he and his team have created!

Needless to say, our team was fascinated with all of the wonderful costumes and props that have been manufactured by Mr. Morris's talented team of artists and crafts people. There were wonderful surprises every where we looked!

Here is Brian Mazzola having fun with one of the many props and some of the many other props in the library!!

Of course, Mr. Morris is a very successful business man as well as a talented artist. He gave us a quick tour of his enormous warehouse, from which he ships most of the costumes we see at Halloween each year. All in all, we all enjoyed our short visit and appreciated the opportunity to meet such a talented, interesting, and outgoing man!

A view of the inside of the warehouse where most of our party costumes come from..

Old Fort NC-08

The Searching for Bigfoot team met a man named Tom Burnette through our radio show, Bigfoot Live Radio Show, ( Mr. Burnette has written a book titled Nature's Secret Agents. The book is a fascinating journal of his experience on his property in Old Fort, North Carolina. The book chronicles Mr. Burnette's experiences from August, 1991 through April of 1994. The following is a quote from the prologue of that book;

"The only reason this book was written is because the events which
surrounded me were too unbelievable and almost unrealistic for
myself or anyone else for that matter to comprehend or understand.
I quite simply was in the right place at the right time,
or the wrong place at the wrong time. I really never thought of
myself as a writer, just a man with one hell of a story which borders
on the edge of real life science fiction.

I swear on a sacred oath that the events you are about to read are true,
and they were as real to me as the sunshining..."

After reading his book, we had to meet this man. We made arrangements and loaded up the rig to drive from California to North Carolina to see for ourselves what was happening on Mr. Burnettes property!

Mr. Burnette lives by himself on over 100 acres of deep forest land, backed up by a watershed and wilderness area. He had set up a small cabin for us to stay in, but it was not quite finished when we got there. The electricity did not work and there was no running water or bathroom facilities. However, we were thankful for the shelter and we were prepared for a much more primitive environment.

The road up to Mr. Burnette's property

Once at the make shift camp, we met Mr. Burnette. Mr. Burnette, (Tom), is a physically fit and fluent individual who seems to prefer his life out in the woods to a life in the midst of a city and all the trappings that come with city life. He welcomed us to his world and did all he could to make us comfortable.

Brian Mazzola in front of our shelter and Leonard Dan with Tom Biscardi Sr. at camp and our host.. Tom Burnette

After "breaking bread" with our host and getting to know each other, we started to have Mr. Burnette answer questions about his experiences from his book. The book chronicles his experiences with "Bigfoot" type creatures that live on and around his property. His earliest experiences were simple ones. He began by noticing foot prints of different sizes in several areas around his property. Following some of the practices of other local people who like to watch bears in the area, he began putting out food for these creatures. He would put out food and knock on a nearby tree to see if he could "train" them to recognize when he set the food out. Soon, individual animals and even small groups of the creatures were coming out to the areas he was leaving food.

The regularity of the visits was beginning to concern him. They seemed to begin to get more and more demanding for their feedings and it began to worry Tom Burnette. He was unsure of what might happen if he stopped feeding them!

A sign showing that this area is a 'Bear Sanctuary' and a safe home for many animals

It would seem that Mr. Burnette had created his own monster, in a sense. He wanted to show these creatures that he was friendly and not a threat to them, so that he might live in harmony along side of them without fear of them. However, now he was afraid that if he should suddenly stop feeding them, they might be angered and therefore a physical threat to him!

Of course, we have not covered all of the details of this transition, but they are all spelled out in his book, Nature's Secret Agents.

In another part of the book, Mr. Burnette tells about an infant "Bigfoot" that was left in a field. He tells us that he believes that the infant was in danger of being killed by a dominant male to help bring the mother back into estrous. He, (Tom Burnette), suspects that the mother, knowing that Tom feeds them, may have left the infant in his, (Tom's) care to protect and feed it. However, his, (Tom's) instinct was to attempt to return it to the mother. He placed it in a field near where he found it, in hopes that the mother would return and claim it.

Unfortunately, the infant did not survive and was dead in a short time. Mr. Burnette did save the skull and claims to have it in his possession to this day. This story is explained in detail in his book as well.

Our team was intrigued and set about to find anything we could to verify any or all of these amazing stories. We searched for signs all through the nearby woods and stream beds. We tried to view the skull, but unfortunately, Tom Burnette explained to us that it had been sent out for DNA analysis and had not been returned yet. Neither had the anticipated DNA results. He did, however, call the DNA house and allowed Tom Biscardi to talk to someone there. Mr. Biscardi asked that they email us a digital picture of the skull and they agreed. Unfortunately, they never sent any pictures to Mr. Biscardi or anyone else at Searching for Bigfoot Inc.

We set out food for the creatures in several areas and set up trip cameras to see if we could catch what ever might be eating the food left at each area. We did get pictures back of smaller animals such as porcupines, raccoons, rodents, and birds eating the food, but no creatures. We heard and saw some black bears around the camp site, attracted by the smells coming from our camp stoves, but no creatures. We searched for miles in every direction looking for prints that might suggest that a "bigfoot" type creature may be in the area, but unfortunately we found no conclusive tracks. We did find a track or two near the stream that could possibly be interpreted as man like, but they were not conclusive. We did find many signs and tracks from bears in the area.

One of the places that Tom Burnette normally sets out food for his "friends"

We did hear loud "wood on wood" sounds one evening. There were two loud bangs, then nothing. In a heavily wooded area like this, these types of sounds can be attributed to large branches falling through the forest canopy and hitting other branches. It has been our experience that "tree knocking" is a form of communication for these creatures and is seldom done without a reply. With just two quick bangs, we cannot say that this is actually "tree knocking".

As much as we wanted to be able to verify any of the information shared with us by Tom Burnette, we were not able to do so at this time. Mr. Burnette's stories and encounters seem to be authentic and had an air of truth about them, but unfortunately, we were not able to verify them during this visit.

Our plan was to stay for at least a week, but we got a call from another area and with no verifiable signs of any creatures after four full days of investigation, we made the decision to move on. We will attempt to go back again after we get the results back from the DNA house. We need to make certain that we leave no stone unturned.

I recommend that you get the book and read it yourself. The stories that Tom Burnette chronicles in his writings have a ring of truth to them and I am quite sure that he truly believes all that he has shared with us. Unfortunately, we were unable to verify anything at his particular time. Read the book and make up your own mind... in the mean time, we will keep on SEARCHING FOR BIGFOOT and share with you what we find... as we find it... and when we find it...!

Hanks Brothers

Caleb Hanks, Tom Biscardi, and Micah Hanks

Micah Hanks is a regular guest host on the very popular radio show Speaking of Strange with Josuha P. Warren. You can check it out at;

Micah has been studying and writing about all things paranormal since he was a young boy and has involved with many varied shows on radio, television, and articles written around the world. Micah has a website worth visiting if you haven't already, called the Gralienreport. You can find it at:

Micah's brother, Caleb Hanks is an world adventure as well. Caleb and Micah also play together in a "Bluegrass" band called Buncombe Turnpike. You can learn more about that fresh and rocking band at:

The brothers learned that Tom and the Searching for Bigfoot team was in town and agreed to come out and meet us at the sight of our current expedition in Old Fort North Carolina. As always, it was great to see our friends and share ideas and stories. We shared the day and caught up on the latest escapades of our two talented and energetic friends. Take the time to check out their websites and enjoy their work.


Janice Carter on the steps of her old farm house... probably one of the most famous people in the "Bigfoot Field"
Janice's website:

Most people who own a television set will recognize Janice Carter Coy. Janice and her experiences have been studied for many years by people from all over the world. Most notably by the Russian Hominologist Igor Burtsev. A short paper written by Dr. Burtsev can be found at: (opens in a separate page.. use your browser back button to return to this page).

Janice became a household name after the National Geographic television special introduced her to the American audience. In their special, they depicted Janice talking to a "Bigfoot" who she called "FOX". In the television version, FOX came to Janice's door to ask for garlic. This short episode,
painted a picture of Janice as an eccentric and possibly off balance individual. According to Janice, there were several hours of footage taken, but only the most damaging and misleading footage was aired.

The Searching for Bigfoot team came to Tennessee to meet this woman and see for themselves what she is about. This turned out to be one of our most memorable and educational experiences to date! We are going to share our experience with you as best as we can.

It started out simply enough, we arrived at Janice's home around noon. Janice came out and greeted us.. she introduced us to her "family" including her beautiful daughter Holly, her husband Tom, her room mates and fellow researchers Violet and Violet's husband Steve. She gave us a quick tour of her place and arranged places for us to set up our sleeping quarters. We spent just a short while with "small talk" and then she began giving us, what we referred to as "Bigfoot 101"! She began sharing what she had learned over a lifetime of living with or near a family of "Bigfoot". She told us of things that we never would have expected.

At first we were taken back by her bold and matter of fact approach, but as she talked we began to realize that she is a lucid and intelligent woman who made a lot of sense once we got past the initial shock of what she told us. The first statement she made to us that was a great shock, was that these creatures have a language! Not just any language, but they actually spoke English!

As you can imagine, we were shocked by this bold statement...! However, she then began to explain how to listen to the sounds they made and the inflections in the voices. She used the "Sierra sounds" as examples of sounds that the creatures make. She explained that she chose those sounds because they were collected many years earlier and not by anyone affiliated with her or her organization. This way, no one could say that she faked the sounds we were listening to. We listened to the sounds intently, but we only heard gibberish. Janice began teaching us to slow down the sounds in our heads and listen more closely... We all tried again. To our amazement, we all began hearing words we could understand! It was like starring at those pictures that were popular a few years back, you know, the ones where you would star at them for a moment or two and let your eyes relax. Once your eyes got relaxed you began to see different things in the picture... like dolphins or whales.

I don't know how to explain it, but all of us began to be able to hear English sounding words in the previously un-recognizable gibberish! After only a couple of hours of listening, this woman had captured our interest and complete attention!

You can go to one of Janice's affiliate sites and hear some of these clips yourself. You need to listen very closely and slow down the words in your head, but with a little practice, you may hear the words as well. Try this link, it will open in another window and you will need to use your browser's back button to return to this site;

Next, Janice began explaining to us about some of their communication methods, including symbols and drawings. She shared a rock drawing she recently found near a horse trail to illustrate her beliefs.

Janice believes this rock writing shows a horse as well as other information

Our Searching for Bigfoot team was totally enthralled. We had heard and seen some amazing things in only the first couple of hours of meeting Janice! Now came the hard part. We needed to test all that we had heard and seen. We were able to hear the words that Janice pointed out, but only after she pointed them out... We still could not know if we could hear them for ourselves without Janice's tutelage. We could not tell if they were simply the creatures mimicking sounds that they had heard from observing people around them or if they were actually a language? We needed to see more of these rock drawings in their natural surroundings to see if they could be repeated and the drawings on them could be connected in some way to the areas around them. Our work was just beginning. Janice was confident that she could bring us to some creatures and allow us to actually talk to them ourselves. She said she could find many more of the rock drawings for us to examine out in the wild! We were thrilled and excited. We could hardly sleep that night as we planned our trip into the woods the following day to learn even more!

The next morning we headed out to an area where Janice felt we could find and talk to some of her "friends". We also should be able to find and read some more rock drawings. We headed off into the woods and passed through a gated area. This began our five mile hike through the woods.

Janice took us to a place she felt would be productive, even in daylight hours. She also showed us some rock drawings.

A close inspection of the new rock drawings we found could not clearly show us anything definitive enough to answer our questions. We were hard pressed to think that the markings were anything more than scrapes on the surface of the base rock, possibly caused by equipment used to abate the fire hazard in the area. Equipment such as brush hogs or mowers could easily scuff and scratch the surface of the large rocks in the area.

Here we find some new rock drawings off the path way... A closeup of the drawings is un-conclusive.

Unfortunately, we were not able to locate her "friends" in the area either. There was no conversation or contact of any kind this day. However, being seasoned researchers, we understand that not everyday is going to be a productive day and we remained optimistic.

Janice was disappointed and made one last attempt to bring us to an area where we might make contact with the creatures, before calling it a night. We headed off to an area where she believed a more aggressive group lived. It was dark when we arrived and we hiked about in the woods for about an hour or more, with no success, before heading back to Janice's house. Tomorrow is another day and we were still very optimistic. Sleep came easily after our all day hike and morning came around all too soon.

The forest we visited that night...

The following day, we headed off to a place where Janice had brought a large group of people to meet her "friends" in the past. We were once again told we would be able to call them out and that Janice would be able to converse with them as we watched and listened.

This time, we ended up in a large meadow like area, surrounded by deep woods. The area seemed ideal for a large animal to habitat. There was plenty of wild foods available, lots of deep cover, plenty of fresh running water, and hundreds of acres of un-occupied land to roam.

The field we visited and the abundant foods, such as wheat, in the area...

Once again, no luck. Janice shared several stories with us about the many sightings and encounters. One of the stories she shared told of an attempted shooting of one of the creatures. She told us that a police report had been filed on it and the people involved. Of course we wanted to verify all that we were seeing and hearing about, so we decided to drive into the city the next day and see if we could get a copy of the police report. Once there, we had the clerk at the courthouse search the records for the report, but they could find nothing on file. Janice remembered the name of one of the police officers who responded, so we decided to try to look him up and talk to him. We headed for a gas station to get a phone book and try to locate him. Believe it or not, the officer was in the gas station we stopped at. I got a chance to talk to him myself, but unfortunately he was not able to recall anything about the incident. He told me that he might have been called out on it, but back then (6 years earlier), he would have been a rookie and only called out as back up but he did not remember anything about it.

I was a little surprised, I would have thought that a rookie police officer called out to investigate a possible shooting of a "Bigfoot" would have remembered it! My only conclusions were that either there was no incident or that the officer was not willing to discuss it. To make a long story short, we were not able to verify this story at this time.

Still not discouraged, we planned another day in the field to attempt to call in a creature. This was our last chance to verify the information we had learned about. Once again we spent the day in the woods... even visiting Janice's old farm. The place she had first become involved with the family of creatures she knew so well. Once again, we had no luck. We had spent nearly a week with Janice and seen many unusual things in the woods. We had learned of new ways to look at some of the things we had seen and heard in the past. It had broadened our perspective about the entire subject, but it has also raised more questions than it has answered. We come away with an open mind and open eyes, but still not able to fully grasp or test what we have learned.

We find that the people who work closely with Janice seem to follow her teaching with an almost religious fervor and have an entirely different perspective about these creatures than do many of us. We have not been able to clearly verify all that Janice has taught us, but we are now open to learning more about her ideas.

We are all thankful for the opportunity to meet this wonderful lady and to learn about her ideas and experiences. We walk away with our minds and hearts open and feel that we not only have made a friend, but we have developed a new appreciation for another point of view.


Keith Worly and his family

The Searching for Bigfoot team got invited out to meet with Keith Worley in Alabama. Keith informed us that he had a migration route that passed directly behind his house. The creatures had been passing by for weeks and he wanted us to come out and confirm to him what he was hearing and occasionally seeing as well! The team was happy to stop by and investigate for him.

We met Keith and his wonderful family on July 9th in the evening. He opened his home to us and filled us in on what he had been experiencing. We set up a camp in the woods behind his home and began our job.

Brian Mazzola, Java Bob, JC Johnson, Keith Worley, TJ Biscardi, and Leonard Dan

Keith's home is the last house at the end of a road and backs up hundreds of acres of wilderness area. Just down the hill from the edge of his yard, there is deep woods, a creek that drains into a large drainage basin like bottom run. There are many types of food items here. We found clams, turtles, rodents, nuts, grains, and many types of berries. There are feed lots set up to draw deer in the area with corn feeders and planted feed lots. All in all, a great area for a traveling group to hide, rest, and feed.

Keith had been hearing calls, knocks, and breaking brush for several months. He told us that the activity was slowing way down in the past six weeks or so, but there was still occasional activity in the area.

Keith's back yard... leading to the hill behind that drops down to the woods and creek below

We set up a camp behind his house and began our investigation. We set up trip cameras in the area, did some calls, and began tree knocking.

We set up a camp behind the house and Leonard Dan began surveying the area...

We found many unusual signs in the area... tree limbs stacked in unusual patterns and places.

We checked out both sides of the creek, found many stick signs and lots of little tee pee patterns...

We all agreed that Keith probably lives on the very edge of a migratory trail way. The most convincing action we found was an answer to some tree knocking that we received on our second night in the field. Go ahead and listen to what we recorded. You will hear our loud knocks followed by some distant replies. The replies are not nearly as loud as our knocks, so listen closely and keep the volume up...


The team was very impressed with the area and we plan on going back next season when the migration is in full swing. Keith and his family made us feel totally comfortable at his home and we feel like we made a good friend and partner in our continuing search for Bigfoot!!!


Steve Dismore of Kentucky... Helping us at Kentucky Lake

The Searching for Bigfoot team stopped in to meet with one of associates and friend Steve Dismore. Steve lives in Kentucky near the LBL (Land between the lakes). Steve has been monitoring the area for many years and had many stories about the many sightings and encounters with the creature here. We came out and set up a camp on Kentucky Lake so we could attempt to find signs of the creature ourselves.

The lake near our camp

We spent a few days and nights checking the area and sharing stories. The first night, we cooked some of the fish we caught in the day time. Steve told us about the many people he talked to about the unusual sights and sounds that are common in the area. That same night, we heard something in the woods behind us and found a small tree that had been bent over and broken since the sun had gone down... We did not find any other signs around it, but it certainly caught our attention.

Our freshly caught fish cooking on the open camp fire

The tree snapped in the woods behind us! Notice the leaves haven't had time to turn up towards the sun!

The next morning, we took a short boat ride across the lake, to a place where a creature had been sighted a few days earlier. The area was cleared of trees because it was a maintenance area for the power lines that were strung through that area. We found that it was thick with wild berries and other natural food items and bordered on both sides by thick forested areas. Leonard Dan, JC Johnson, and Steve Dismore hiked the area carefully and eventually found a foot print that was several days old. This helped to confirm to us that this was truly a "hot" area.

The cleared area under the power lines and the berries and food items underneath those power lines!

The print we found there under the power lines

Later that evening, Steve attempted some whooping calls. To our surprise, the calls were answered by something over near the power line area on the far side of the lake! We continued the calls and what ever was answering continued the replies. We could hear the calls as what ever it was moved from the area under the power lines to directly across the lake from us... Then away from us to towards the other side of the ridge from us!

CLICK ICON TO LISTEN TO THE WHOOPS... listen closely when the volume goes up...

That same evening, we got a frantic phone call from a man in Illinois who told us he was being harassed by a creature as we spoke! He pleaded with us to come out and help him with this situation as soon as we could! We decided that because Steve was there to continue our investigation at LBL and because the area was so vast and the chances of us making contact with the creature we knew was there was so slim, that it would make sense for us to head off in the morning to Illinois and see what we could do help! We packed up the trailer and made ready for an early morning exit.


TJ Biscardi, Tylor Weess, Steve Weess, Leonard Dan, JC Johnson, and "Jay" Beazley... TJ and our host Steve Weess

While working with Steve Dismore in Kentucky's Land Between the Lakes, the Searching for Bigfoot team of Java_Bob, TJ Biscardi, Leonard Dan, and JC Johnson received a frantic phone call from Steve Weess of Seneca Illinois. Steve had been experiencing some very unusual and frightening things on his property there. He called to tell us that something was coming up from the woods behind his home and making loud screams at night. His pet cats were disappearing at night and he would find the bodies in the morning with the heads missing! What ever was doing it was getting even bolder and throwing rocks and sticks at his family... He told us he was prepared to shoot what ever it was if it came back that night!

Steve told us that he and his son Tylor were up and waiting for what ever it was to make an appearance that evening and they planned on shooting it! TJ Biscardi and myself, Java_Bob, were able to calm Steve down and he agreed to wait until we could arrive at his home the following morning before attempting to kill what ever it was!

Our SFBI team drove threw the night from Kentucky to Steve's home in Verona Illinois, (just outside of Seneca), so we could attempt to help the Weess family understand what was happening on their property and perhaps stop the Weess men from doing anything that they might regret in the cold light of day!

The area is a small farming community in rural Illinois growing crops of mostly corn and soy beans. It is located very near the Illinois river. The area has a rich and colorful history.

The history of the area, in brief was as follows;
Back in 1848 the I & M Canal was completed and the Jeremiah Crotty family entered a claim adjacent to the canal.
Then in 1850 the CRIP Railroad project was completed and the Crotty family returned to the claim on the canal and built the first home there.
By 1853 the Crotty family owned considerable land adjacent to the railroad and convinced the director of the CRIP Railroad to put a station there.
The site of the station was called Crotty Town.
Then in 1854 A post office was established and Crotty was named Postmaster. In 1855 the Railroad opened the station house with John Crotty, Jeremiah's son, named as station agent. The railroad named the station Seneca.

By 1858 the First La_Salle County directory lists Crotty as a town. By 1864 Grain was million dollar business prompting construction of new elevators and warehouses and attracted other businesses to area.
Then in 1865, On February 16th, the town was incorporated by Special Act of the 24th General Assembly and the town has continued to prosper ever since.

After a brief meeting with Steve and Tylor Weess, the SFBI team began checking out the area at the back of family property. We began by looking at, what appeared to be a large game trail coming out from the woods. At the end of the trail, closest to the backyard lawn was some kind of print. It was barely discernible, but it did resemble the general shape of a large bipedal foot print.

The game trail to the woods and the "print" at the beginning of the trail?

We listened to Steve share stories about the area that talked about the original builders of the old railroad being harassed by "large hairy men" while they worked cutting through the woods to build the railroad.

We wondered if the area had enough cover, water, and food to support itself as it traveled through the area.
The only way to know, was to get back into the woods behind the house and see for ourselves. We gathered up our gear and headed out for a look. The following pictures will give you an idea of just what we found:

The first thing we found was some of the old CRIP Seneca Railroad project!

We found more than abundant food items without even utilizing the abundant local corn crops!

We found many signs of animal predations and habitations in the area!

We found sources of water, including a stream that led out to a larger water way leading towards the Illinois River!

It was clear to us that there was plenty of food, water, and shelter available to support the creature we were seeking. The questions remained, was it there? We continued to look for signs in the areas. We found many old signs of human presence and history, including old home sites and cemeteries.

It was clear that this was inhabited by humans at one time.

The team was very impressed with the area and the island of remoteness around Steve's property. Unfortunately, we were not able to verify the presence of a creature at this time. We will be keeping an eye on the area through Steve, Tylor, and Jay and may be back in the near future to continue our investigation. It was obvious to us that Steve, Tylor, and Jay are very serious about what has been happening in this area. We feel like we may not have found a creature on this trip, but we have found some new friends and researchers. We know that we have to "turn over a lot of rocks before we find a gem stone..." and that is what keeps us SEARCHING FOR BIGFOOT!!!


Before ending out multi state expedition, we had to bring our cinematographer, Brian Mazzola, back home to Portland Oregon. We decided to simply drive a little farther first, and visit some of Tom Biscardi's old friends. Friends that the rest of our team were very excited to meet! We overshot Oregon and headed up towards Yakama Washington, where we would be able to meet Pattie Patterson, the wife of Roger Patterson. Bob Heironimus, the man who claims to have worn a suit for Roger Patterson, and Bob Gimlin, the man who helped film the famous Patterson / Gimlin film of the late '60's.

This piece of film is clearly the most famous and controversial piece of evidence ever produced. The entire team was very excited to meet these people and listen to them tell their stories.

We drove through Oregon and got to see some of the most beautiful country the North West has to offer. Our first stop was in Portland where we picked Tom Biscardi up at the airport. Tom had been off in the San Francisco Bay Area negotiating with some other business people concerning business matters for Searching for Bigfoot Inc.
We were all glad to see him and excited about getting up to Washington to meet some of his friends. We drove straight on up to Yakama to meet with the first of these exciting people!

Just a little taste of the beautiful scenery we got to see !

Our first stop was at the home of Bob Heironimus. There we met Bob and his lovely wife, who welcomed us openly. They opened their home to us and even brought us around to meet some of the rest of their family. They brought Bob's elderly mother over to meet us and even brought us over to a shop that Bob and his brother share. The two brothers have a hobby of restoring and showing older Chevrolet cars. Here are a couple of their award winning autos:

This beautiful stock '55 model 270 belongs to Bob Heironimus...

This modified '55 model 270 belongs to Bob's brother !...

We were thrilled to get to talk to Bob and meet his family. He made us feel very welcome and was a great host! They even baked and served us some home made brownies... (That were "to die for" !!!) Here is Bob and the team in his garage.. notice all the trophies on the wall!

Far left is Tom Biscardi, center is Bob Heironimus, next is TJ and Bob's brother...

Tom and Bob Heironimus and Tom and Bob's beautiful mother, Opal!

From Bob Heironimus' home, we drove around the block to visit with Pattie Patterson. Pattie is a wonderful and warm woman who welcomed us into her home. It was obvious to all of us that Tom Biscardi and Pattie were very close and considered each other as old and dear friends. Mrs. Patterson offered some old photos to Tom to be used in the upcoming Searching for Bigfoot museum, but asked us not to post the photos at this time. Of course, we will honor her wishes. We all talked for several hours and listened to Mrs. Patterson share some of the many stories she had heard from her famous husband, Roger Patterson.
We all felt very honored to be able to meet this woman and have here open her home to us. This truly was a once in a life time experience for me and for the team!

Mrs. Patterson, her "Yorkie" and Tom Biscardi...

After leaving the Patterson home, we headed back towards Bob Heironimus' street to meet with Bob Gimlin. Bob Gimlin, as it turned out, lives only nine houses down the street from Bob Heironimus and only a few blocks from the Patterson home. We had called the Gimlin home the day earlier to let them know we were coming. We were told that Bob was out on the coast dealing with some horses and he should be there today, so we were anxious to meet with him. Unfortunately, he was still not home when we got there. Tom left him his business card and we stopped back in with Bob Heironimus to say our good byes.

The Gimlin home, some doors down from the Heironimus home...

Tom invited the Mr. and Mrs. Heironimus to meet us for dinner at a local restaurant where we planned on meeting Ken and Terri Stewart. Ken and Terri are the people who are offing those exciting expeditions to search for this elusive creature.
After dinner, the team got a motel room and rested for the rest of our trip. Ken and Terri got a room at the same motel and we shared a few more stories and had more opportunity to develop a friendship with them.

Ken, Terri, and Tom out in front of our motel rooms.

Ken and Terri Stewart are fascinating people! They are truly international adventures. They have guided fishing tours around the world, they surf all around the globe... they have been affiliated with major snow board events and much much more! They have always been fascinated with "Bigfoot" and are currently offering an exciting and affordable tour for people who want to get out and attempt to search for this elusive creature with them! They have taken most of the rough edges off the experience by offing comfortable sleeping and eating arrangements on this expedition and guided foray into the wilderness!

We had already made arrangements to meet with more people in Oregon early the next day, so we had to leave Washington. We drove south again while reflecting on the people we had met and the stories that they shared. The team was quite while on the road. All of us mulling over all we had heard and learned on this short but informative trip.
Oregon came upon us quickly and we got back to work again. Once there, we met with some people that had been on our radio show. The BIGFOOT LIVE RADIO SHOW

Once back in Portland, we met with Shawn Jones and Jason Moore. Shawn is a former police officer and Shawn is a business manager for a Portland billiards house. The two men shared their stories of local encounters as they had done on our radio show. Once we had the opportunity to meet these men eye to eye, it became obvious as to just how credible they were. We listened intently and got to know these gentlemen a little better.

We were glad we took the time to get to know Shawn and Jason and made plans to work with them in the near future.

Here is Jason, Tom, and Shawn in Portland Oregon

We dropped Brian off at his home and said our good byes. I (Java_Bob), have a favorite niece who lives right over the bridge from Portland, in Vancouver Washington, but we had been on the road now for over five weeks and the team was too tired to even stop by and say hello. If we left now, most of us could be home by 2am the next day and others could be boarding their flights home from San Francisco. We agreed it was time to head back, so we loaded the truck and headed south towards home and our families!

{My apologies to Yvonne and her family, and I hope you understand... I love you!}

Written by JavaBob - posted by JavaBob

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