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Finding Bigfoot in Texas

As you all know, we have been on expedition out to Wisconsin and surrounding areas. On our way back to California, we stopped in Paris Texas to pick up a couple of photographs to augment our footage from our last visit. While in Paris, we met with some of the people we met on our first visit. They told us there had been some recent activity in the area and took us out to see…

This was the beginning of the most amazing experience I have ever had! We went out to the lake in early evening and in about ten minutes, we began finding footprints… soon after dark, we began seeing creatures moving around us in the dark with the night scopes! We chased several of them trying to get close enough to take pictures with the infrared cameras, but they are way to fast for us!!!…. The entire crew was in total shock! We decided to cast some of the prints and go back to the motel and develop a plan! We made arrangements to stay longer and prepared more of our equipment. The next morning, we contacted the press. We told them we had had some activity out there and invited them to come and see what we found for themselves.

A reporter from ABC / CNN came out to meet us. His name is Bob Hallmark, as it turns out, Bob is an ex Navy Seal…. Actually from the original UDT. On our way out to show him the site from the night before, Mr. Hallmark asked me to explain to him why he should believe that “Bigfoot” really exists… I told him it is not up to me to convince anyone… We only invited him along to see what we see, when we see it. To experience what we experience as we experience it and he can make up his own mind. Little did I know, that we would see and experience such amazing things that evening!

We arrived just about dusk. On the way down to where we planned on parking the rigs, we stopped to photograph a sign on the edge of the park, warning about possible unexploded ordinance in the area. A young man, about 15 years old came riding his bike past us. He noticed the signs on the side of our rig and stopped to share his story with us. He told us that he has seen a large hairy animal crossing the road towards the lake on a regular basis. He told us the first time he saw it, he smelled it first… it crossed in front of him and he ran all the way home… now he no longer stays out there at night! We have the interview on film and you all can see it when we get back. We drove on down to the lake and began to unload our gear. Bob Hallmark from ABC / CNN unloaded his cameras and we started down towards the lake. It was almost dark and we looked out over a site that could have come directly from the movie “Jurassic Park”! We could see a lake that stretched out to the horizon. Close to shore it was very shallow and was thick with reeds, tree stumps, and the biggest lily pads I have ever seen. Some of the lilies where at least two feet in diameter and had flower stalks standing about 3 or 4 feet into the air. Leading up to the water line was loamy, light clay like mud bank about twenty yards wide. The aquatic plants still growing in it. We could find fresh water clamshells bigger than a mans hand lying around. I actually found a live clam near the surface and picked it up… it must have weighed 3-4 pounds! I never knew fresh water clams could reach this size! Within minutes, we began to find more fresh foot prints! We measured them and they were over 15 inches long and 7 inches wide at the widest point. The prints headed out towards the water line. They had a heel-to-heel stride of over 57 inches!

Bob Hallmark was very impressed and set up to photograph us taking casts of the prints. However, that is only the beginning! Soon we could find finger scratch marks in the mud. We could see where a creature was scrapping through he mud looking for clams! We found the holes where something had dug up clams and then the shells discarded near by! We found pairs of footprints next to the holes…. They were everywhere we looked! Tom took out the thermal imager and began scanning the area. Within minutes he found a heat silhouette standing in the water several hundred yards out! This was the largest creature we had ever seen. It was so large it nearly filled the screen on the thermal imager. So large and clear, that Bob Hallmark was able to see it on the screen from several yards away from Tom! We all took off running towards the best area to see the creature, but it ran away so fast, that we lost it within minutes.

Mr. Hallmark was shocked! He had come as a total skeptic, but now knew what we all knew… He was so blown away, that he put himself on film stating that he came as a skeptic, but since going out with Tom Biscardi and the Searching for Bigfoot team…. He is now a believer!!!

I am currently putting all the films and documentation together and I will do an update for the web within a couple of days… I will send a couple of photos of the prints so you can all see what we found.

This is the most amazing experience I have ever had… The three digit temperatures, the swarming biting bugs, the humidity, and the scrapes and bumps I received running through the dark are a very small price to pay for this nights work! I am so proud to be part of this!!!! See you all soon and I will share more details as soon as I can…

Tom and Tom Jr. with a couple of prints.

A pair of prints near the water line

Part of whole series of prints heading toward the clam beds

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