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November 2006 Cross Country Expedition

The Searching for Bigfoot team, lead by Tom Biscardi, left the Apache Nation in Arizona around noon on the 6th of November, 2006. We headed towards Paris Texas and drove through to Childress Texas before stopping to sleep. We slept about 6 hours and hit the road again at early light to make Paris early afternoon. In Paris, we met with some of our old friends and contacts, Mike and Sandy Sells. There, Mike and Sandy introduced us to some other local researchers from the Texas Shadow Chasers, Perry Murray and David Holley.

After our introductions, we decided to take a short walk around at Lamar Point, a local “hot spot” in the Paris Texas area. On our arrival, we saw members of another Texas based organization that we recognized. When they saw us, they quickly packed up their vehicle and drove away without acknowledging our presence at all. We didn’t think anything of it, other than it seemed a little rude? However, once we took a walk out to the edge of the lake, we found out why they left so quickly! It seemed they were placing false foot prints in the area around the shoreline! You can see my note to the office for more details. [[A LETTER FROM JAVABOB ABOUT THE NOVEMBER 2006 EXPEDITION ]] I was horrified to think that an organization that wants the world to think of them as legitimate researchers would stoop to actions that move to discredit all of the honest and hard working people who take this subject seriously!

Although we were all shocked by what we found, we had a job to do and set about to do it. It appeared the drought that had plagued this area for the past two years was ending and recent rains had brought the water levels back up to near normal. Unfortunately, those same rains had also washed away any obvious signs of our “elusive friend”. The area is so beautiful as to take your breath away. However, this time, on our short visit, we found no new signs of our “friend”. Perhaps he is settling in for the upcoming change in the weather or just wasn’t out yet since the last rain.

Visiting with our friends and associates helped us to get over our disappointment and after updating everyone with our plans and recent findings, we prepared to get back on the road and head towards Florida. We wanted to see, first hand, the latest information about the “Skunk Ape” and learn about the latest pictures that have surfaced.