Anatomy Of A Bigfoot Hoax
Top Bigfoot Movie

The REAL Story of What Happened

Own The Real Story And Find Out For Yourself What Happened On August 15, 2008 - The Bigfoot Black Friday

Anatomy Of A Bigfoot Hoax covers the 7th largest media event of the year. $13,000,000 bounty on the Bigfoot Body had mercenaries, police and helicopters searching for the Searching For Bigfoot Team. Here is the REAL STORY of everything that happened before, during and after. Examine the despicable body parts inside a rubber suite. Find out about effect it had on everyone.

From Top Bigfoot Field Reporter:

"But I had one nagging question ... was the film recreated or were all of the events being recorded in actual time? I spoke to Tom again and asked him that question and he said,

'Doll, I never re-create anything! What you see is what you get.'

I highly recommend watching this DVD and then forming an opinion. Every story has 2 sides --- Get It HERE

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