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August 14, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via OTC PR WIRE -- Bigfoot Project Investments Inc. a public company traded on OTC Markets under the ticker symbol BGFT has identified a merger candidate that will enhance the project platform of the company. Initial due diligence has been completed by Veyo Partners.

Negotiations are underway for the terms on the Letter of Intent (LOI) which will allow the due diligence for the merger to proceed. The merger candidate has provided financials from 2017 showing gross revenue of 3 million, year to date financials for 2018 show gross revenue of 3.7 million. Key personnel from both companies are meeting to discuss and finalize the LOI. After the LOI is in place the companies plan on moving forward with the merger negotiations.

See the announcement in our most recent 8K SEC Filing

BGFT is also proud to announce the release of the first of five movies based on real life encounters. The movie will be available August 28th through dozens of platforms, as well as on DVD. August 28th, be on the watch for the film through these VOD outlets: 24 Hour Movie Channel, All Warrior Network, Amazon Video Direct, Asian Mayhem, Awesome Earth, BesTV, Blackbelt TV, Cheezy Flix, China Mobile Video, Cinecliq, Conscious Good, ConTV, Dekkoo, DocCom, Docurama, DotStudio, DoveTV, FandangoNOW (formerly M-GO), Fandor, FilmBOX, FilmOn TV, FlixPremiere, Free Flix Tonight, Free Grindhouse Flix Tonight, Frequency, GONE TV, Great Outdoors Network, Hoopla Digital, Hulu, iFlix, IndieReign, iTunes, Kanopy, KinoFlimmern, Live From London, Motorland, Overdrive Digital, Pantaflix, PlutoTV, Popcornflix, PPTV, Realeyz, Retromedia, Sinclair Media Group Broadcasting, Streampix, TubiTV, TVPlayer, VHX, Viewster, Vimeo on Demand, and Wu-Tang Collection.

While many Bigfoot-themed films show fictionalized accounts of the mythical beast, only Tom Biscardi has consistently presented real-life encounters in the eight films he has produced and directed. His latest offering, Brutal Bigfoot: Mutilations and Mutations, is no different.

"There is a hidden, dark side to the beast, stories not many are willing to tell, but that all changes with the release of this movie," says Biscardi. "Not many folks have the kind of access that I have to these stories and the people who have had these incredibly violent encounters. My 50-plus years of researching and tracking Bigfoot allow me to expose the bad things that can happen, and the massive cover-ups that often follow these deadly experiences. It's not pretty, but the world needs to be aware that Bigfoot and other cryptids, as well as the people protecting the fact that these beings are real, are dangerous."

Brutal Bigfoot: Mutilations and Mutations finds the Searching for Bigfoot field team - led by Biscardi - getting more than they bargained for when investigating the disappearance of a hiker and the mutilation of a couple deep in the remote Arkansas countryside. During their search, Tom and his team are led to a top-secret nuclear testing facility (formerly known as SEFOR) amid reports of mutated creatures that reportedly inhabit the woods surrounding the compound. Along the way they gain the unwanted attention of unknown government agents who watch their every move as they search for the truth behind brutal deaths and strange disappearances that are rumored to involve a very large creature. Is it Bigfoot?

You can see the release information on the link below, also check out our 2015 documentary Pursuit

For all more information see our official website below.

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