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October 16, 2017 - East Glacier Montana is also known as the final frontier. The Blackfeet tribe is one of the only tribes that retained their ancestrial land when the treaties were signed. There have been a cornucopia of stories about the creature known as Bigfoot coming from this area. Some of these stories have been passed down from generation to generation passing on the possible location of a Bigfoot burial cave in these mountains.

Two of the most compelling stories that have been brought to the legendary Tom Biscardi's attention have come from this area. One of these stories is from a native American that shot one of these creatures from his porch. The creature had been harassing the family for a period of time. He was protecting his family because they were in fear for their lives. After it went down another creature came out of the woods and cradled the wounded creature in it's arms then carried it off. The family presented Tom Biscardi and his team with pictorial evidence of the encounter. This evidence was sent to the lab and returned as authentic. The photos depicted the legs, arms, head, and torso of each creature and also blood from the mortally wounded one.

The second story was from a very credible homeland security border patrol sentry who saw a bi-pedal creature large and hairy possibly a primate leaving large impressions in the snow going towards a cave.

Tom Biscardi has been searching these lands here in Montana for the last twelve years and has partnered up with the Stewart family to revitalize the East Glacier area to bring commerce, new economy, and jobs to these naturally enriched lands. They plan on building a seven story 100+ room well known flagged hotel which will house the largest Bigfoot museum in the world as well as a live theater, conference center, retail store, and award winning restaurant/lounge.

Out of this facility the Searching for Bigfoot team will be providing periodic Bigfoot expeditions for adventurous and daring souls fulfilling their quest for the unknown into the identified Bigfoot migrational route. Mr. Biscardi has labeled this area as one of the most evidence producing Bigfoot byways in the United States. This facility will help to make this area along with Glacier Park a tourist destination property for all to come, see, stay and enjoy.

During this visit, Mr. Biscardi has met with another astute businessman and entrepreneur that is developing the worlds largest 100 foot permanent Teepee to house a museum depicting the history and use of the buffalo by the Blackfeet people and owns the worlds largest white buffalo herd.

Mr. Biscardi and this business associate are entering into contract to build a 50 room hotel, restaurant, lounge and gasoline service center along with the buffalo museum/authorized Bigfoot and White Buffalo merchandise center.

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