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Bigfoot To Settle Terms of Merger With Creators of Loadchief -- See News
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Bigfoot Project Investments Hires Veyo Partners, Financial And Business Advisory Firm With Experience Uplisting Stocks to NASDAQ -- See News

"Hiring Veyo Partners is an investment in our future and
will bring us to the peak of success as a company."
-- Bigfoot Project Investments CEO Tom Biscardi

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BRUTAL BIGFOOT MOVIE Released August 28 -- See News

New Bigfoot Movies and Other Revenue Generating Opportunities -- See News

$73,500 Revenue Added From Completed Filming of First of 5 New Fact Based Bigfoot Movies in the "Dark and Violent Side of Bigfoot" Series -- See News

Morning Dose TV Show Interviews TJ Biscardi on $1,000,000 BIGFOOT BOUNTY, new Bigfoot sightings, Bigfoot Project Investment, Inc. Stock and Searching For Bigfoot Expeditions -- See News and Show Replay

Bigfoot Project Investments Covered on Fox 31 Denver News and in Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Pittsburgh CBS and News

Bigfoot Movie Distribution Sales Agreement Signed -- Includes 5 New Films (potential sales of $30,000 per film) and 6 Classic Bigfoot Films Re-Release (projected gross sales of $200,000 per film) -- DVDs and VOD To Be Sold Worldwide -- See News

Corporate Headquarters:
570 El Camino Real, # 150, Redwood City, California USA 94063

Phone: (650) 793-9093


Bigfoot Stock News and January to March 2017 Bigfoot Expedition Update -- See News Report

Bigfoot Project Investments mission is to create exciting and interesting proprietary investment projects and entertainment properties surrounding the mythology, research, and potential capture of the creature known as Bigfoot. The Company performs research in determining the existence of an elusive creature commonly called Bigfoot. Bigfoot Project Investments plans to establish itself as the most reliable and dependable source for materials including documentaries, physical evidence, and eye witness accounts for the purpose of documenting the evidence of the existence of Bigfoot.

The Company's Searching For Bigfoot Team conducts Bigfoot hunting expeditions. The team travels across the country investigating, interviewing, surveying sighting locations and following up on current and past Bigfoot sightings and encounters. Expeditions include exploring remote wilderness locations where the creature has been sighted. These expeditions have produced extensive hours of raw footage which can be used for movie development. Negotiations have been initiated with 3D Movie production companies to produce a movie called "Bigfoot 3D". Established production companies with affiliated networks are also being sought to work on a new reality based Bigfoot Hunt show.

The Company's purpose is to focus all our projects into one public company. We have consolidated projects into one investment marketing plan, which we believe could be more effective than a single plan, thereby increasing the overall profits of the projects than if they were individually marketed.

We will create investment project entertainment properties surrounding the mythology, research and hopefully, capture the creature known as Bigfoot. Become an entertainment investment company, where our competitive advantage is our developed knowledge base and the advanced level of maturity of our projects.

We intend to capitalize on the "Searching for Bigfoot Inc." current stockpile of projects through agreements; allowing our company to continue creation of media properties and the establishment of physical locations, partnerships and alliances with organizations to augment investment markets to create revenue as a stand-alone enterprise.

Bigfoot Movies | Bigfoot Products

Bigfoot Project Investments develops, produces and distributes documentary and fictional films about the Bigfoot Sasquatch creature. The Company's inventory of digital video disc (DVD) movies includes;

Bigfoot Lives, Bigfoot Lives 2, Bigfoot Lives 3, Hoax of the Century, Anatomy of a Bigfoot Hoax, In the Shadow of Bigfoot and Pursuit: The Search For Bigfoot

CEO Tom Biscardi is a 3-time documentary film award winner for his work in producing these videos. These Bigfoot movies are marketed to both DVD and video on demand (VOD) domestic distribution markets. Media marketing distribution company, The Bosko Group, has contracted with the Company to sell DVD movies through their distribution agents. DVD movies are currently sold through Walmart online and, as well as the Offical Bigfoot Products Store. More information on these movies can be seen on the Bigfoot Movies Page.

Pursuit: The Search for Bigfoot was released to iTunes, Amazon, VUDU and Google Play on September 23, 2016. The production made its VOD debut on the new True/Found label, a releasing company dedicated to found-footage features and caught-on-camera documentaries. For more information on Pursuit and direct Bigfoot Store purchase links go HERE.

The Company also sells a variety of Bigfoot product merchandise including T-shirts, belt buckles, hats, ski caps, mugs and welcome mats. See more at the Bigfoot Products Store.


Carmine T. Biscardi - Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Director

Founder Carmine "Tom" Biscardi has extensive experience searching for the creature known as Bigfoot. Tom Biscardi is a legendary Bigfoot researcher, also known within the Bigfoot world as the "Godfather of Bigfoot". Since April 2006 he has been Director and Owner of Bigfoot Inc. From January 1991 to Present, he is Owner & Manager of Tom Biscardi Associates based in Redwood City, California. From October 1988 to January 1991 he was President & CEO of Security Shield Insurance Agency Mt View.

Sara L. Reynolds - Chief Financial Officer, Director

Ms. Sara Reynolds is an entrepreneur with extensive experience in the tax and accounting fields. She has been the managing partner of a successful accounting firm for twelve years. From 2001 to 2005, she worked at various CPA and Legal firms gaining the knowledge needed to establish her own business, SLR Tax & Accounting LLC.

C. Thomas Biscardi - President, Director

Mr. C. Thomas Biscardi, Jr. has a solid background in sales experience and management in the retail, wholesale, auto, land and insurance industries. His Army training as a Ranger has made him an invaluable asset to Searching for Bigfoot Inc. Field Research Team. In the capacity of Director of Field Operations, in the wilderness and superb leadership of the field team led to the acquisition of evidence and artifacts relevant to the company's movie documentary series success

William Marlette - Director

Mr. William F. Marlette has over 44 years of experience in military and industrial management of communications. He has 29 Years military operational, technical and managerial experience in Staff, Battle Group, Joint Strategic and Tactical Communications and Fleet Communications (Submarine, Airborne, Tactical and Ground Site (includes satellite)).

Dennis Kazubowski - Director

Mr. Dennis J. Kazubowski was admitted to the California State Bar and to the United States District Court for the Southern District. In January 1990 he was admitted to the United States District Court for the Northern District and in July of 1992 Mr. Kazubowski was Admitted to the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth District. From 1990 to 1994 Mr. Kazubowski was an associate attorney in the Law Firm of HOFFMAN & KAZUBOWSKI. His areas of legal representation were Family Law, Civil Litigation and Criminal Defense. During this period he was either lead counsel or co-counsel in 12 court or jury trials. He prepared and argued numerous motions, petitions and applications for orders, conducted many depositions, debtor examinations, pre-trial conferences, settlement conferences and dozens of arbitrations.

Founding Directors

Richard Fletcher - Founding Director

Mr. Richard L. Fletcher was a retired Insurance Broker and Entrepreneur living in Santa Rosa, CA. Richard had a total of over 45 years of sales experience and management with retail, wholesale, auto, land and insurance companies.

Greta Goth - Founding Director

Ms. Greta Goth was an entrepreneur with extensive experience in the legal secretarial and paralegal field, office management, administration and computerization of legal firms. Her experience was paralleled with management of Real Estate Company for 10 years. From 1962 to 2004, she established and managed three additional law firms: Goth and Dennis Law Firm, Redwood City CA. then Goth, Dennis and Arron Law Firm, Redwood City, CA. and lastly Goth Arron and Silvestri Law Firm, Menlo Park, CA.

Youssary Kelada - Founding Director

Dr. Youssary Kelada, MD. maintains a busy practice with Roseville Family Health Care, Roseville CA. Dr. Kelada is also an entrepreneur and leases commercial real-estate in a National Historic Landmark District, "Old Sacramento" in Sacramento CA.. He owns one of 50 Historic buildings in the District in which he leases to several retail stores, and a cafe.