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Bigfoot Lives 2

Bigfoot Lives 2

Own First Time Seen Footage Of The Creature
Join Bigfoot Investigations and Hunting Adventures Across The United States.
Now You Can See What We Caught On Camera In Paris, Texas

Big Foot Lives 2 continues the adventures of the renowned Bigfoot Hunter Tom Biscardi and his Searching For Bigfoot Team, finding and investigating reports of unknown creature Bigfoot sightings throughout the United States. This sequel to the Award Winning Bigfoot Lives (2007 Best Documentary Pocono Mountain Film Festival) follows in-depth finding Bigfoot expeditions. See for the first time what we caught on camera in Paris, Texas.

Search for the Honey Island Swamp Monster with gator hunter Terral Evans (History Channel's Swamp People) in Louisiana. Meet a monster with attitude in the Land Between the Lakes, Kentucky.

Now from the Lizardman of Scape Ore Swamp, South Carolina, to a unknown beast killing cattle in Alabama, to the Florida Everglades -- You ARE THERE With The Searching For Bigfoot Team! --- OWN IT

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