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Bigfoot Lives

EVERYTHING You Thought You Knew About Bigfoot Is About To Change!!

Tom Biscardi and Director Todd Douglas Baily Present: BIGFOOT LIVES

Awarded Best Documentary Pocono Mountain Film Festival

Follow the travels of the world renowned Bigfoot hunter, Tom Biscardi and his Searching for Bigfoot team. You are there as we search the country from Montana to New York to find of the world's most elusive and mysterious creature -- Bigfoot.

Tom Biscardi has been in search for Bigfoot for close to 34 years and you will see what he has found during his expeditions as he releases his findings to the world. Director Todd Douglas Bailey takes you deeper into the world of Bigfoot then ever before in this this ground-breaking living documentary --- OWN IT

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BIGFOOT LIVES - Watch the Trailer

BIGFOOT LIVES - Searching For Bigfoot Inc. Message To The World - DO YOU BELIEVE
Tom Biscardi gives a personal message to the World about the existence of Bigfoot.

This was released along with the Award Winning Documentary (Poccano Mountain Film Festival -"Best Documentary") Bigfoot Lives.

This is a personal message to everyone about the existence of the Bigfoot Creature -- If you don't believe, then see some of the finding Bigfoot search expedition clips in this movie.