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June 6, 2019 -- Nevada Bigfoot News
Monsters, Myths and Mysteries and Things That Go Bump In The Night -- See News

After extensive research in the history of a noted Bigfoot sighting in Nevada, the Godfather of Bigfoot Hunters has assembled his team to investigate target sites.

May 14, 2019 -- New Bigfoot Movie Filming
Pursuing the Red Haired Giants at Lovelock Cave -- See News

March 22, 2019 -- Acquisition Letter of Intent Signed -- See Details

February 20, 2019 -- Bigfoot To Settle Terms of Merger With Creators of Loadchief -- See News

The merger is not related to any mergers mentioned by Bigfoot in prior news releases

January 7, 2019 -- After extended due diligence the Company has determined it to be in its best interests to terminate Letter Of Intent merger transaction with Greenfoot Technologies -- See SEC Filing

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New Bigfoot Movie -- BRUTAL BIGFOOT VOD Available


Watch Trailer HERE

NEW MOVIE Brutal Bigfoot Released -- Buy It on Amazon HERE

Merger Candidate Identified -- See News

CNBC Picks Up BGFT Merger News Report

BRUTAL BIGFOOT MOVIE Trailer Released -- Watch Now


Merger Negotiations Underway With A Company That Will Enhance Financials, Provide New Revenue and Increase Bigfoot Investigation Opportunities -- See News

Merger Candidate Identified - Negotiations Initiated
Fall Bigfoot Search Expedition Announced
Plans To Extinguish Debt Underway -- See BGFT News Update

BRUTAL BIGFOOT News - New Bigfoot Movie Ready For Release -- See More

The Official Release Date For The First of Five Films Will Be Announced Soon
"Brutal Bigfoot: Mutilations and Mutations" will be initially available on VOD through dozens of platforms as well as on DVD

Bigfoot Spotted In Panama City, Florida - Search Team Investigates - See More

Missouri Boy Scouts Troop Finds Bigfoot Footprints - Calls Search Team In -- See More

Bigfoot Spring 2018 Search Team Expedition Underway -- See More

BRUTAL BIGFOOT - Finding Bigfoot Is Not Always A Good Thing - New Bigfoot Movie Soon To Be Released -- See More

Acquisition Terminated - See More

Bigfoot Project Investments Hires Veyo Partners, Financial And Business Advisory Firm With Experience Uplisting Stocks to NASDAQ -- See News

"Hiring Veyo Partners is an investment in our future and will bring us to the peak of success as a company."
-- Bigfoot Project Investments CEO Tom Biscardi

Location of Bigfoot Burial Cave Possibly Identified -- Second New Bigfoot Movie Filming -- See News

The Godfather is Back in Montana Seeking The Bigfoot Burial Cave and Filming the Second Movie in the Sinister Sasquatch Series

Second New Bigfoot Movie In Series To Begin Filming In Montana -- See News

New Bigfoot Movies and Other Revenue Generating Opportunities -- See News

New Bigfoot Movies News -- Filming Completed on First of 5 New Fact Based Bigfoot Movies in the Dark and Violent Side of Bigfoot Series -- $73,500 Revenue Added -- See News

Kids Love Bigfoot - San Antonio Spectrum News Covers Round Rock, Texas Bigfoot Expedition Event -- See News

A Day With Bigfoot: Bigfoot Project Investments Inc. Teams Up With Round Rock, Texas Parks and Recreation Department For Bigfoot Event -- See News

Searching For Bigfoot Appearing In Texas With The Godfather of Bigfoot Hunters

June 30, 2017 -- Morning Dose TV Show Interviews TJ Biscardi on $1,000,000 BIGFOOT BOUNTY, new Bigfoot sightings, Bigfoot Project Investment, Inc. Stock and Searching For Bigfoot Expeditions -- See News and Show Replay

June 24, 2017 - Investing News Show Features Bigfoot Project Investments, Inc. on Fox Business Channel -- See Interview Replay

Bigfoot Project Investments Covered on Fox 31 Denver News and in Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Pittsburgh CBS and News

June 24, 2017 - New Bigfoot Sighting News -- Searching For Bigfoot Investigation of Meadville, Pennsylvania Area Bigfoot Sighting Covered In Meadville Tribute News -- See News

June 23, 2017 - Summer 2017 Bigfoot Bounty Research and Find Bigfoot Expedition Update -- Bigfoot Is On The Move -- See News

Bigfoot Project Investments Inc. is in the field looking to find the winner of the $1,000,000 Bigfoot Bounty and working on revenue producing projects.

June 22, 2017 - Pennsylvania Bigfoot Sighting News Report Features Tom Biscardi and The Searching For Bigfoot Expedition Team --

Godfather of Bigfoot, Tom Biscardi, featured in June 22, 2017 News Report on Crawford County, Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania Bigfoot sighting. Property owners say they have seen what appears to be Bigfoot, heard it and witnessed foot prints.

New Bigfoot Movies, Bigfoot Sightings and Bigfoot Bounty News -- See News

The Godfather of Bigfoot is back on the road researching for the "Dark and Violent World of Bigfoot" project, Biscardi Biography and re-release of the 6 DVD package to be labeled as the "Biscardi Bigfoot" brand. Work has also begun on the 5 new Bigfoot movies.

Bigfoot Movie Distribution Sales Agreement Signed

Includes 5 New Films and 6 Classic Bigfoot Films Re-Release DVDs and VOD To Be Sold Worldwide -- See News

Summer 2017 Bigfoot Bounty Expedition:

Bigfoot sightings and encounters investigations conducted:
Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Idaho, Montana

Enter The 2017 Bigfoot Bounty or just report your Bigfoot encounters and sightings to us:

Call the BIGFOOT HOTLINE: (816) 422-3364 and (816) 422-3394 or e-mail:

Fox Business Channel Investing Show Features Bigfoot Project Investments, Inc. on April 30th -- Watch Interview Replays and See The News Report

Bigfoot Bounty Bigfoot Sightings and Encounters Spring 2017 Expedition Wrap Up News -- See News Report

Bigfoot Bounty News: $1,000,000 Bigfoot Bounty Hunters On The Eastern Trail.

BGFT Stock To Be Featured on Fox Business News Channel On The "New To The Street" Show -- See News Report

Bigfoot Bounty News: NBC News Channel Covers Ohio Bigfoot Sightings and Encounters and Bigfoot Bounty -- See News Report

Bigfoot Bounty News - Bigfoot Picture Taken From Ohio Bigfoot Sighting - Fox News 8 Cleveland and WKBN 27 News Coverage -- See News Report

Bigfoot Project Investments, Inc. Featured On Investing News Show, NEW TO THE STREET, on Fox Business Network April 2, 2017 and ION TV, March 20, 2017


Not For The Faint Of Heart -- Help Us Prove That Bigfoot Does Exist!
We are offering a Million Dollar ($1,000,000) Bigfoot bounty for anyone brave enough to deliver information leading to the capture or delivery of a bona fide Bigfoot. GO HERE TO ENTER

Notice: The $1,000,000 Bigfoot Bounty is being underwritten by Odds On Promotions, a contest and promotion insurance company. See complete details on the Bigfoot Bounty Page

National News - ONE MILLION DOLLAR ($1,000,000) BIGFOOT BOUNTY ISSUED and new Bigfoot Hunting Expedition launched -- See News Report

Bigfoot Project Investments Inc. is sending their research team out for the next expedition Sunday, April 2nd. With new sightings in Ohio, Wisconsin, Upstate New York, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas they are crossing the country collecting new eye witness reports, press releases, newspaper reports and physical evidence from reported "hot spots".

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Bigfoot Project Investments, Inc. Featured On Investing News Show, NEW TO THE STREET, on ION TV, March 20, 2017 -- See News Report

Bigfoot Movies and Bigfoot Decal Specials At The Bigfoot Products Store -- See News Report

Bigfoot products store announces free new Bigfoot decals with Bigfoot Movies purchase.

Bigfoot Stock News and January to March 2017 Bigfoot Expedition Update -- See News Report

Winter 2017 Bigfoot Expedition Investigates New Bigfoot Sightings -- See News Report

Winter 2016 Bigfoot Expedition Summary News

Winter 2016 Bigfoot Expedition Page

See Pictures, Videos and Interviews with People Who Encountered Bigfoot From September to November 2016 Searching For Bigfoot Team Expedition .

Includes Bigfoot Sightings in Arkansas November 2016 Videos.

Wisconsin Bigfoot Sightings News Report -- SEE NEWS

Bigfoot Burial Ground Investigation -- SEE NEWS

Winter Bigfoot Sightings Expedition Underway -- SEE NEWS

Bigfoot Movie News - Found Footage Film Hitting VOD -- SEE NEWS

In the Genre of "The Blair Witch" Tom Biscardi has created a film that will keep you on the edge of your seat

BIGFOOT HUNT - New Bigfoot TV Show News -- SEE NEWS

Calling All Established Production Houses. Bigfoot Project Investments Inc. is looking for a production company that can assist with a Reality TV Hunt Show

Passing The Bigfoot Baton Expedition Summary -- SEE NEWS

Bigfoot Project Investments Inc continues to search for proof to present to the public

The "Godfather" of Bigfoot Returns to Montana (Bigfoot Alley) -- SEE NEWS

For more than 40 years the "Real" Bigfoot Research team has searched for the truth.

The "Godfather" of Bigfoot Returns to Where It Began -- SEE NEWS

The "Passing the Bigfoot Baton" expedition continues taking the crew returns to the locations around Paris Texas.

Bigfoot Sightings Investigation Expedition News: Passing The Bigfoot Baton -- SEE NEWS

The Real Bigfoot Hunter Tom Biscardi is making history with his retirement expedition.

Searching For Bigfoot starting filming for the up coming year for new documentary about Bigfoot

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Bigfoot News in New Hampshire -- See It

WMUR Channel 9 Features Searching For Bigfoot and New Hampshire Sighting

Searching For Bigfoot Group Bigfoot Suit Now On Display In Middlesboro, Kentucky Bell County Historical Society Museum - See News