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Bigfoot Sightings & Encounters
Spring 2015 Finding Bigfoot Expedition JOURNAL

Texas bigfoot sighting

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Texas finding bigfoot

Bigfoot Sightings & Encounters
Spring 2015 Finding Bigfoot Expedition JOURNAL

New Bigfoot Encounters Alabama News

Alabama, the last night of expedition in the Roll Tide State

And On To Investigate Kentucky Bigfoot Sightings

The evidence at hand is overwhelming that a large predator is taking cattle wholesale. In an area where the wildlife specialist can’t come up with an explanation, I feel we did provide enough forensic, along with audio and video, evidence to come to the conclusion that it is most likely a Bigfoot.

With our tight schedule at hand we must now move on towards Kentucky where the calls are backing up around the tri state area of southeast Bluegrass State. We arrived to our newest destination, and my home state, after a twenty hour drive we were exhausted but when we started fielding reports we became so excited that we had to get straight to work.

We had heard and TJ himself had even called in a Bigfoot in the area of Tackett Creek Tennessee. Being from Middlesboro Kentucky myself I knew that we had the distinct honor of living in the only city built inside a meteor crater. I had never considered it myself but after talking to many life long residents we learned a lot of new theories.

One was a story told by a lady of Trans dimensional warping. She said that she believed the creature could have been of alien origin, due to being “delivered” to this planet by the said meteorite. This story is very similar to the native Indian tribes that feel the creature is capable to walk amongst the land of the living and the spirit world. This would account for Bigfoot tracks suddenly disappearing into nothing. It is a very interesting story and does deserve its merits. I on the other hand along with the scientific minded Team members would account the disappearing prints to the difference in soil densities.

The first day brought the team to a secluded mountain game preserve with the Tri-State Paranormal team members William Tribell and Neil Williams. They were to bring their expertise into the hunt in order to check on any supernatural findings related to the Bigfoot phenomena. The day scout led us to an old abandoned coal mine deep in the Tennessee Mountains. It was local legend that the Bigfoot would use the auger holes to enter the mines and traverse through instead of over the mountain. TJ having nerves of steel decided to enter the holes himself. Larry was close by as I remained outside to retrieve help in case they were trapped in the dark cavern. TJ soon found that all of the holes were covered in spider webs except for one and it was clean. This would indicate that something had been traveling in the cave. After finally making it out safe the usual cameras and traps were set for the upcoming night.

As the darkness set in there was no light in this rugged Tennessee Mountain. We waited until the wee hours and saw nothing unusual but the normal dangerous wildlife we have became accustomed to. Finally the decision was made to move the search site to the opposing mountain in Kentucky. Night two we went to the top of Fondi Mountain, a perfect place overlooking the Tennessee Valley and the Kentucky Mountains. The area was thick, wooded and dark.

The absence of the full moon made it dark and the wildlife was not moving as much as we would have liked. The area was so full of History and legend. Many coming from the descendants of the old Indian tribes that once hunted this fruitful area. Many of the tail we had heard reminded Larry of a time he once spent on an Indian reservation casino. Larry said he had a bad night at the gaming tables and asked the pit boss as he was leaving “hey guys wasn’t Custer enough”. Well after the comedic story from Larry, it finally happened.

TJ was calling in the creature when we got a vocalization and response from the top of the ridges in the area of our first nights hunt. Due to the great distance involved we decided to return the third night to the same area in Tennessee. The first thing we noticed was a large game trail with broken branches as high as eight feet tall. The trail led to a thorn bush where it traveled around the bush. This would be indicative of a highly intelligent creature. Calls were made into the night air once again void of any moonlight. Once again no response was the creature watching, and studying us. We could feel that something was keeping us at a safe distance but it felt like it was there none the less.

Night four produce the same results and it was unanimously felt amongst the team that the absence of moonlight may be the reason for the lull in activity. Due to the incredible media coverage of our expedition it was decided that the team must now call it quits for a well deserved rest, but we must return to the Kentucky Mountains and continue our investigations.

The amount of calls coming in from Kentucky are incredible. So for now we end this part of Expedition 2015 but the team will be returning to Harlan, Pike, Laurel, Knox, Perry, Breathitt, and Madison Counties.

Stay tuned for the further adventures of The Searching for Bigfoot Team.

Doyle Halcomb Lead Investigator Kentucky

New Bigfoot Sightings Alabama News

June 4th and June 5th -- Search For Bigfoot in Alabama

After a day long drive from Texas to the southern part of Alabama we joined with Alabama Investigator Chuck Creel and his lovely wife Kelli. Our arrival was late in the night but the Creel’s hospitality was second to none. Making sure the primary team was comfortable and well rested for the busy next few days we prepared to meet the rest of Team Alabama the next morning.

On June 5th Chuck, Mike, Jonathan, and Jeremy joined TJ, Larry and I at the Creels residence. We soon learn that a local cattle rancher had been plagued with and unusual amount of animal mutilations on his ranch. While it would not be uncommon for animals of prey such as coyote and wolves to take an occasional cow, this was much different. The initial reports from a local farm hand stated that the cattle’s necks had been broken and they had been eviscerated. This was definitely not the work of a hungry apex predator of the norm. What could possibly have the strength to break a cow’s neck? You guessed it, a possible Bigfoot. Thus enter the Team.

There is however a side note, Murphy’s Law. While the team was making plans and preparing our equipment I noticed that our Pony had thrown a shoe. Bigfoot9 was on a flat tire. TJ and I began changing the tire and of course I would end up dropping a log on my left leg while trying to brace the truck. A large cut needing medical attention on my left shin had occurred. Luckily Chuck also an Emergency Medical Technician, along with his wife Kelli, soon had me back in action. Chuck also turned out to be a pretty good mechanic as he repaired the tire out of his garage. Is there anything these guys can’t do? Well on with the Investigation. The team, due to the large amount of land involved, opted to go with ATV’s towing trailers for members and equipment.

When we arrived at the ranch and began our initial investigation, we were amazed at what we saw. Not a few cattle carcasses but many. There were cattle remains in different stages of decomposition. One strange note, I found one spinal cord and various other bones with the marrow sucked out of them. The only problem was the rest of the remains had not even begun to completely decompose. Mike had told me that they had notified local wildlife officials and they were told that this was not the work of the typical local predators. Once again, the work of a Bigfoot?

While out for a tour of the bone yard Larry, Chuck and I were seated in camping chairs on an ATV trailer being pulled by a large side by side. It was at this point Larry began to have flashbacks of traveling with Jeremy Gibson back in Texas. On several instances on the ride Larry gave me his “oh no here it comes again” look as we were bounced around the trailer and covered in mud and cow manure. Evel Knievel is not dead, he has been reincarnated as a young man and ATV operator, named Jonathan. Once arriving back at base camp the team prepared the thermal imagers and night vision to assist with the cameras and bait already in place around the ranch. Half the team stayed behind at camp while the other half returned to the Creels for additional supplies. Then it happened, loud screams coming from the wood line of a nearby swampy area of the ranch. TJ and I grabbed the night vision and thermal imagers. At that time I saw a silhouette of something similar to a man, standing and watching us from the distance. I was using a thermal image enhancer which picks up heat signatures. This signature was signed and notarized in my opinion. TJ fired up the Polaris and we took off in pursuit. The image moved disappearing in the marshy swamp. TJ was driving and following my instruction as to the location of the image. I have to admit I was excited thinking I was about to visually confirm my first bigfoot.

As whatever we were in pursuit of move through the marsh TJ commanded the ATV and cut it off capturing it in the swamp. I saw two large red eyes. I want to say that they were the eye shine of a foot, but I cannot lie. It may have only been the eyes of a possum or an owl. I would like to think I had a brief stare down with the elusive Primate. I still do not know anything except my adrenaline rush rivaled that of my first roller coaster ride. Dogs were barking in alert around the ranch, animals of all types were leaving the wood line and heading towards our loud ATV as if to get away from something. I have never seen this type of animal behavior. Then silence except for some cattle bellowing in the far distance. Whatever caused this commotion had come and gone.

The only hope of a true visual confirmation for Expedition 2015 was the cameras still filming in the swamps. I will have to wait until the next night to confirm what I felt I had seen. TJ, the most experienced hunter on the team tried to console me by telling me he felt I saw a heat signature of a swaying tree. So be it, he has his explanation and I now have mine. No time to rest, we now receive a late night call stating that another sighting has occurred in northern Florida. The team must now leave our cameras and this hot spot to proceed to another one only a short few hours away.

Upon leaving Alabama for Florida we brought Team Alabama into Florida forming Team Floribama. With the entire team together we met Stephen who claims he had an encounter with an entire family of Bigfoot. We went to an area close to where Stephen lives and where he walks his Tame Wolf Sally.

Who one day unleashed ran back to him with his tail under this was not characteristic of his dog . He came back the next day to find tracks crossing the road three different pair this is when he started looking into it and believes they were bigfoot going to the pond of the other side of the road to eat frogs from it. He described encounters with a group of the creatures we are looking for. He stated that there was a family of Bigfoot’s living in an area that was clear cut of trees and shrubs to make room for construction. He claimed that the family had to relocate to another wooded area and that he and his wolf would see and hear evidence of the Bigfoot family. Due to the time lapse in the relocation there was no recent physical evidence of any creatures in the area.

While Stephen’s story was interesting there was no physical evidence of such a sighting at this time. The team will have to put this one on the back burner for now and return to the Alabama site to continue our investigation. On our last night in Alabama we must retrieve and review the video’s from the night before. Folks this thing is getting crazy.

Doyle Halcomb Lead Investigator Kentucky

June 2nd and 3rd -- Return to Texahoma

The team has had to return to Texas after the harsh storm front has chased us into Arkansas. The calls keep coming in from north Texas around the Cooper Lake area.

Team Co-Investigator Jeremy has fielded the calls and is awaiting our arrival. Arkansas is left in good hands with THE ROCKY SLAVEN and the SWEDE. Jeremy, Team member and expert hunting guide was awaiting our arrival. When the team got to our secluded location we learned of the plight of the wildlife struggling and surviving in the flooded areas. The animals have all sought refuge in the higher ground. I can tolerate a Ferrell hog, and the rest of the animals in the area.

One thing I cannot deal with is the SNAKES, not the typical run of the mill rat snake garden snake, but the damn poisonous cotton mouths, water moccasins, and yes the Rattlers. But not to worry because Big Tom called to check on the team and when he was advised that we had killed five snakes within a hundred yards of our camp he left the decision to TJ to move camp to another location. Larry agreed whole heartedly and stated I hate snakes and the command decision was made to move camp to a higher ground. Although the team enjoyed TJ’s decision we would soon learn what was for supper. SNAKE friggin SNAKE. Cotton mouth snake and beans and franks (refer to web videos).

Oh well folks after being force to starve or eat snake I chose the latter. Let me tell you SNAKE tastes like SNAKE. TJ I will never forgive you for this. Big Tom I deserve a team jacket for this. Larry went hungry while TJ and Jeremy feasted on the stinky meal.

Any way back to Bigfoot. Any creature with reasonable intelligence would never stay in this area with all the pit vipers, hogs and coyotes. The Team armed with night vision and Thermal Imagers, heat seekers stayed up all night trying to see the elusive creature.

No response from the creature but once again hope as Alabama Investigator Chuck Creel with a local sighting on Alabama farm land not far from his home.

So we are Alabama bound. Like I said you call and we will come. Thanks to our new team members in Texas and our old friends. Steve, Rod, Lee and Jeremy please hold down the fort until we get back, and bring home the BEAST. Bigfoot Fans Keep checking on your Bigfoot Team at Searchingforbigfoot.com.

Doyle Halcomb Lead Investigator Kentucky

Last Night In The Ozarks Arkansas -- Going Back to Texas

Our team members in Texas keep calling and more Bigfoot fans are calling in sightings. This is our dilemma, do we remain in Arkansas or go back to Texas before the rivers crest, closing our path back to the hot spots. The record flooding in the south is forcing the creatures to higher ground and making the possibility of a capture even better in Texas.

This has to be our last night in Arkansas. The team is in place, cameras and recorders set, we are ready. Once again the clouds come concealing the bright full moon. The last bewitching hour is near. It comes and nothing. Is the colder night air and lack of the moonlight keeping the creature from its fate. Or is the pursuit growing cold because the Bigfoot is smart and calculating our every move? Only the Bigfoot knows for sure. It has been a difficult hunt with the flooding.

Team member Larry even said

“I grew up on the Pacific Ocean but I have never seen more water than I have in the last two weeks.”

A late night and an early rise to head back to Texas. Team member Jeremy has heard the creatures on a secluded lake near Cooper Texas. This has to be investigated. Not to fear though because Rocky and the Swede will remain in Arkansas to try to bring home a member of our Bigfoot family here.

As we travel through Oklahoma back to Texas the rivers have now taken the highways. Cattle are huddling on islands were the pasture used to be. We are forced to take back high country roads on the only passable path back to our Texas destination. We finally make it back to our home base in Winnsboro and we are preparing for our next adventure.

Check back to see the results while we are busy setting up cameras, recorders, and traps at our new current location with Jeremy.

Doyle Halcomb Lead Investigator Kentucky



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Arkansas Bigfoot Sightings and Encounter News

Days 13 through 19th May 26 through 31st

The team has arrived in Arkansas to meet with Bigfoot tracker Rocky Slavens. We traveled approximately 45 miles to a dirt road then continued another 30 miles deep into the Ozark Mountains. We finally arrived at an area where Rocky had advised us that some campers had recently been the victims of an attack from an unknown creature. The campers had rocks thrown into their camp and had their coolers full of food stolen. The campers had fled the area but Rocky was all too familiar with the place because he himself has had several encounters with Bigfoot in this same dark and secluded valley. We began to set up camp on day one and it was getting well into the evening when TJ and Larry decided to turn in and get some well deserved sleep before the next busy day.

The team had heard faint screams from a distance far away but they soon ceased. As Rocky and I sat by the campfire telling stories and quickly becoming friends 12:08 AM came. We would soon call midnight the bewitching hour due to the events about to happen. We heard a faint creatures call and it began to grow louder as it approached. I watched the blood run out of Rocky’s face as the experienced hunting guide looked at me and said “ “You hear that” I replied that I did and I asked him what it was and his reply did not comfort me as he said he had never heard anything like it. The best way I can describe what we heard was the sound of a primate. It reminded me of a chimpanzee. Whatever it was it began to grow louder and came within feet of our camp as if to let us know it knew we were there. It left along the top of the ridge as fast as it came from the valley below. There is no way a man could possibly have caught the creature in the deep underbrush. Not that I would have wanted to without the full team in place for a capture. There was no sleep for me until dawn when the rest of the team was awake and I could try to rest knowing what I had heard. I did manage to fall asleep for a short while when I got to experience “Rocky’s Arkansas alarm clock” which is simply firing a .44 magnum next to my sleeping spot. After cleaning myself up we started our second day. Rocky and TJ went on a hike through the woods and later returned to camp to drive to Lake Dead, another Bigfoot hot spot. While en route to the lake they came upon a lone tent occupied by a man who we referred to as Bigfoot Billy. He had obviously been left behind in time as he looked like a beatnik hippie. He had an Indian prayer circle made of rock that any craft person would be jealous of. When asked how long he had been living out in the wilderness he told them that he had been alone since March. As they asked him about wildlife TJ asked if he had heard anything unusual the night before. He replied “you hear my Bigfoots”.

When asked to elaborate he told Rocky and TJ that he had seen a female with a juvenile Bigfoot and that a male also lived close by. Bigfoot Billy was asked to explain how he knew it was a female and he said that he had seen her with the juvenile on her back and that she would reach high into the foliage and feed the smaller one he only assumed it was female he said he had also heard a more aggressive male but had never seen it. He also told us that if there were heavy rains they never come out. He was convinced that the creatures lived here and that he felt it was a spiritual place. He also said that we would have nothing to fear from the female and the juvenile but he was unsure of the male. When TJ and Rocky returned to camp we readied ourselves for a long night and then it happened, the ever faithful southern downpours. This night would be completely uneventful. Day three of the Arkansas Expedition would make us a little more prepared, the day was a long day of cleaning up the campsite and another trip to Bigfoot Billy’s camp, this time with myself in tow. TJ wanted me to use my years of forensic interview experience to see if Billy was telling the truth. After talking with Billy, and reading his body kinesics, I determined that he felt he was telling the truth. After that the team prepared for the creatures return. Bait and cameras were in place, the weather was good and our spirits were high. Bewitching hour, 12:13AM the creature returns showing its intelligence it came not from the valley below but the ridge above us. No visual proof, was the creature taunting us, possibly.

Modern technology wins in the end however. Digital recordings from state of the the art science will prevail this night. We now have confirmed by three witnesses and two recording devices of undeniable proof of an unknown creature. This ones for you Tom. The rest of this night is another one of unrest as the team plots and schemes the capture for the next night. TJ has devised a plan to fool the creature into avoiding the valley below as the team lays in wait on the ridge above to finally end this ever long pursuit. Bewitching hour, 12:00AM the skies open up and once again floods the valley and our hopes for a live capture on this night. This team don’t give up. With a 20% chance of a capture on our last night in Arkansas the teams plan is once again in place. Time to bring home the proof. At least we know that if we don’t get it tonight that Rocky and the Swede will remain behind to continue to capture. Keep checking in for more exciting Bigfoot adventures from the Searchingforbigfoot.com team.

Doyle Halcomb Lead Investigator Kentucky

On Our Way to Arkansas

On our way to Fayetteville, Arkansas to investigate Bigfoot Sightings and Encounter

Days 8 through 12 -- May 21st to 25th

Things are getting wild for the team in Paris TX. The entire team with our new friend Steve has found adventure in the Clay’s Bluff and Lamar Point area. The weather is not agreeing as the rain and storms keep rolling in but the team will not cease. TJ and Steve cover Lamar Point while Larry, Lee, Jeremy and I took to the deep woods of the Clays Bluff area. Both Teams made discoveries.

TJ and Steve found another track deep in the mud not 100 yards from the discovery of the last track which brought us back here. The area was secured and bait and cameras were now in place. The Clays Bluff team found some really interesting discoveries also. One of the first things noticed was the large amount of mutilated fish carcasses in deeply dense underbrush, not the work of a sport fisherman. There were no signs of human habitation due to the severe storms and high flood waters.

The team however also came across something that all of the experienced hunters and trackers had never seen before. There was an improvised system of intelligent trail markers made by placing dried leaves on tree twigs in a matter that had to be done by a creature with opposable thumbs. The marker was fragile and was not meant to be seen by the untrained eye. Due to the nature of the fragility these markers were not place to be a long time trail. The team also found a mutilated Ferrell hog carcass. It had been violently killed and the only salvageable part was the lower jaw bone for evidentiary purposes. Once again not the work of a human hunter, and no other animal signs other than the faint rain washed prints of the ever elusive creature.

The comedy of the hunt is starting to fade, this is getting serious. Experienced as the team is we know we are getting close and we smile at each other to relieve one another’s stress as we know we are closing in on a great scientific discovery. What do we do, and how will we respond when we finally come face to face with the Bigfoot. As the days faded into the nights and the weary team, hungry and exhausted, the weather will not let up. We then went to an area of old military bunkers which would serve as a perfect hiding place for the creature.

The team had to traverse two rivers in order to reach their destination. A massive super cell decided to take the side of the Bigfoot and come down on the team with no available shelter while making our way across a makeshift log bridge Jeremy lost his footing but with the help of our experienced local guide Steve, we were able to get him out of harms way just as the bridge collapsed beneath Jeremy’s feet. He would have plunged deep into the rushing water. The team does not leave each other behind. Once again the trail grows cold as the flooding waters wash away all hope of keeping the trail.

Hope beacons however as the calls and other team trackers in different areas surrounding the Texas area start coming in. TJ instinctively decides to make the command decision that the flood waters are causing the creatures to evacuate the area and we must follow the path that they are taking to keep up with their forced migration to safety. The team is pleased.

The new trail of evidence is leading the team to an undisclosed location in Arkansas. We are still on the trail and keep following the team as we go further into the bush in pursuit of the truth.

Doyle Halcomb Lead Investigator Kentucky

Day 6 and Day 7 May 19 - May 20, 2015

The team preceded to an undisclosed area in the vicinity of Paris TX. After only 10 hours into the wooded scouting expedition in the wooded and swampy areas, the team encountered many native species including an extremely large number of venomous water moccasins. After talking with several locals they advised us that due to the recent flooding that a lot of the local snakes had taken to the high ground and that the team should use extreme caution while in the bush.

Jeremy even managed to man handle one of the local snakes and set it free. I personally enjoyed the show from a tree top advantage as my fear of any snake is more than self evident. It is common knowledge that if someone yells snake, the safest place to be is on my back. The team was more than fortunate however to find our first salvageable and tangible evidence of the existence of a Bigfoot creature in the area. Lee and Jeremy located a grove of wild cherry plums and all of the ripe fruit had been picked up to a 10 ft. high level. There were no fruit on the ground which would indicate that the fruit had to be picked by an extremely tall creature. The non ripened fruit was left to continue its natural process.

It was in this area that Lee and Jeremy discovered a large right foot print. The area was preserved and Larry and I took scale pictures using two one dollar bills to show the massive print. TJ and Larry photographed the indentation and we retrieved the proper materials to cast the print. After the cast was lifted it was approximately 14 inches long and 8 inches wide at the ball and 4 inches at the heel.

Finding Bigfoot Encounters 2015 Texas Bigfoot Sighting Texas

My skeptical preponderance of the evidence at hand is now beginning to sway my skepticism as a side note. Well pleased with the find the team set up base camp and enjoyed meeting two new friends of the Bigfoot family, Steve and Ray. We must give a big shout out to these guys. Their Texas hospitality is second to none.

Due to incoming inclement weather and tornado thunderstorm cells TJ decided to pull the team out of the woods and back to base camp for the night. It was decided that the team would be in this area for an indefinite amount of time trying to collect more physical evidence as to the existence of Bigfoot. Even hopefully uncover some empirical evidence.

--Doyle Halcomb Lead Investigator Kentucky


bigfoot sightings news

Day 5 – May 17, 2015

The team suffered through a rough night of severe thunderstorms, cold and wet. It is amazing how chiggers and other carnivorous creatures can find places you did not know you had. Thank goodness for bleach and bug spray.

The unconventional team members choosing to go into the bush without the afore mentioned blessings soon gained an appreciation for the advice of experienced members such as TJ.

The bait and cameras had to be checked and changed. After a disoriented search the cameras were checked and the bait had not been touched by any animal of significant size. No wonder considering the dry land hurricane we suffered through the previous night. No intelligent creature would leave a secure environment for a snack in this weather excluding the team of course.

The team decided to move to a secondary location near the base camp. En route to the area by vehicle we encountered a washed out road closed with barrels and barriers stating the river leading to Lake Cooper had crested well above the bridge. TJ was driving fleet vehicle BIGFOOT9 and decided that he had better not risk the fury of Tom Sr. by turning the Hemi into a yacht. Jeremy on the other hand, with Larry in tow, did not exercise such good judgement.

The dynamic duo sped by us at a high rate of speed and you could hear Jeremy yelling to Larry “Hang on and watch this”. Poor Larry had no choice in the matter but went through a range of emotions as Jeremy’s truck threw a wake that a competition ski boat would be jealous of.

This was obvious by the look on Larry’s face and the lack of color in his complexion. The stunt was entertaining to the rest of the team however as Doyle quoted “I been to 2 world fairs and a Kentucky goat roping contest, but I ain’t seen nothing like that”. Team leader TJ decided that he would call it quits for the night and give the team a much needed day of rest before resuming the investigations.

The team made it back to Cabin Alpha around 3:00 AM and actually got to sleep in the comfort of a roofed environment for the first time in days, to plan out their investigative hot spot at Sulfur Springs and Paris Texas. Check back for further expedition adventures.

--- Doyle Halcomb Lead Investigator Kentucky.

Day 4 – May 16, 2015

The team met Rod and his wife Jennifer for an official statement. Jennifer stated that she was driving to her sisters on a back road near their home and she saw something in the road. She said that she thought it was a downed tree due to storms the previous night. As she slowly approached she said that something stood up and was holding and eating a snake in its hand. She was startled and said she could not believe what she was seeing. At that time the creature hurled the dead snake in her direction and she sped home to advise her husband what she had seen. At that time Rod had the presence of mind to go to the location and retrieve the snake. He then froze the snake pending the team’s arrival to investigate. After examining the snake it was determined that the snake had been chewed on and could not have been road kill because all of the vertebrae were intact and had not been crushed. The physical evidence was overwhelming and supportive of Jennifer’s story.

After concluding this investigation it was time for the team to move on the meet Team member Jeremy Gibson, lead investigator Northeast Tx, in Commerce TX where he had been conducting recon and evidence collection. Jeremy had picked a place with multiple sightings around a swampy area. He had set up a base camp for the team and had been alone in the bush for three days. Jeremy lead the team to the camp through the dense swamp engaging giant Mosquitoes, ticks, coyotes, and even an angry mother sow Ferrell hog. We were definitely the outsiders here.

Miles from any civilization the team began the investigation by setting live capture traps and bait. Team members Jeremy and Lee set bait traps and trail cams while TJ and Larry built a camp fire and began scanning the area with heat sensors and night vision. Team member Doyle was in charge of making sure the team stayed safe, acting as a mother hen and roaming over the boys. There were a few close calls including almost losing Lee to an old bottomless well from a homestead from many years ago. After the traps were set the team left the swamp before daylight to leave the Bigfoot creatures to reveal the truth by themselves. The investigation is getting intense trees were pushed over in the entrance path as the team left the swamp and returned to base camp to further the investigation into the next day.

Day 3 – May 15, 2015

We picked up Doyle and Lee in Dallas TX. The team now complete they headed to Jones Creek TX and met with Rod. Rod gave the team an initial statement about a previous encounter involving his wife and the Bigfoot creature. Due to the late hours the team decided to set up camp and investigate and area adjacent to the Justin Hurst Wildlife Refuge, an ideal spot for a Bigfoot Creature to nourish rest and populate.

Day 2 – May 14, 2015

TJ and Larry left Kingman AR at 5:30 AM en route to investigate more sightings in the migration route of the elusive creature known as Bigfoot. Travel was horrific we encountered severe thunderstorms and Tornado warnings. The driving conditions were slow and vision was reduced to nothing as the team fearlessly traveled to their impending confrontation with Bigfoot. On the same day while taking on fuel we met a Criminal Investigator in OK, who was extremely interested and supportive of the team’s effort to bring forth the truth about the existence of the Bigfoot. He was very helpful in providing additional information about sightings and unexplained complaints throughout his state. We then spent the night in Childrish TX.

Day 1 -- May 13, 2015

TJ Biscardi and I Larry Woody left San Francisco California at 10:00 AM to later join team members Lee Joyner and Doyle Halcomb to begin our research into the Bigfoot phenomenon.

We stopped early in the next morning in Kingman Arizona for the night at which time we received a call from a Gentleman from Mississippi concerning a visual sighting while walking his dog. The witness stated that their pet began acting erratic and they had a visual sighting of a creature that was approximately 7’ to 7.5’ tall.

We are currently awaiting photos to confirm whether or not the sighting requires further investigation. We also received a call from a just in from Mississippi stating that he too had had a visual sighting of a possible Bigfoot creature. We are currently waiting to meet with both of the witnesses as the Expedition continues. It is now becoming obvious that the Biscardi Expedition is underway because we are now starting to receive multiple calls of sightings also in the Texas area. We have our work cut out for us.

Doyle Halcomb -- Lead Investigator State of Kentucky
Searching For Bigfoot

We would like to thank Rick Springer of www.KTEN.com for supporting and reporting on the team’s ongoing progress while conducting our research and airing it on his network. Go visit them and show your support in the comment sections of the Piece The wild man of north Texas at their web site.

Rick Springer and team Hung with us during all weather conditions and obstacles. Big thanks Rick.

Stay tuned for updates the HUNT FOR BIGFOOT CONTINUES……………..

Covers Bigfoot Sighting Investigation

Watch Video:
KTEN.com - No One Gets You Closer

From www.KTEN.com

Searching For Bigfoot; The "Wild Man of North Texas"

May 12, 2015

COMMERCE, TX -- It's a myth still in the making. A legend that has fascinated people around the world for hundreds if not thousands of years. Tales of a large harry creature roaming the forests frightening unsuspecting travelers and now that legend has come to our area. For the last several years a quiet family in the small town of Commerce Texas says they've been hearing strange sounds coming from the forest. Howls they say are so full and so deep that they vibrate you insides. Vocalizations they say no human is capable of making, even with a bull horn.

Bill Gibson and his family have been living in this house on the east side of town all their lives. Bill recalls the first time he heard what people in the area call the "Wild Man of North Texas." It was 40 years ago.

"You can actually feel it in your body. The only way I can describe it is like when a train is running real close to you and you want to just take off running," said Gibson.

Bill's son Jeremy was just ten years old when he first heard the sound. He says he's been haunted by the creature ever since. "I know what's out there. I know it." "What's out there?" "Something big."

After years of silence, the Gibson's say the "wild man" has returned, waking them up in the mornings with it's howls. But, this time they called in renowned Bigfoot hunter Tom Biscardi to investigate.

"We know that something has been through here in the last three days," Biscardi said. We've all heard the stories. But we can assure you, whether or not you believe in Bigfoot is the last thing on Biscardi's mind, because he says he's seen one.

"When first I started out I was a doubting thomas, excuse the pun. But then after I saw one and I got real close, I said to myself my god," Biscardi said.

Biscardi and his men found what they believed to be several large foot prints in a clearing about a mile away from the Gibson's home. So, they set up a perimeter, hung bate and strapped infrared motion sensor cameras to the surrounding trees.

Regardless of what you want to call the creature, Biscardi says he truly believes that a species exists that is so smart, and that has adapted so well to the arrival of human population, that it has become an expert at avoiding detection and capture. Biscardi believes it so much that he's dedicated his life to finding the creature and recently his company "Bigfoot Projects Investments Incorporated" became the first of it's kind to clear sec regulation and go public on the stock market. The mission statement of the company: "To capture the creature known as Bigfoot."

"I feel very proud," Biscardi said. "This is one thing that we've crossed over to mainstream America. We've taken a myth, a legend, a folklore and brought it to reality."

Now that the bait was set, Tom and his crew decided to check out another area believed to be the creature's stomping ground. But an hour long downpour made getting to the location nearly impossible.

So the crew decided to return to the site of the traps for one last listen before turning in for the night. (TJ howling). Biscardi's son TJ belts out a howl into the darkness in hopes that the creature has an answer. (silence). But, it doesn't.

While our day's search only yielded a couple of footprints, Biscardi says tomorrow is another opportunity and that he will never give up.

"It's a whole new day and a whole new adventure," he said. One day, he says, he'll prove to the world that he's been right all along. "They're seeing something out here," said Biscardi. "Can all these people be wrong? Or, are they all right and there's something wrong with us? You never know."

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Searching For Bigfoot -- THE TEAM

Tom Biscardi - Team Leader and CEO of Searching For Bigfoot, Inc.

C. Thomas Biscardi III - AKA Tom Jr. or TJ - Director Of Field
Operations, Director of Field Security and
Live Capture Team Leader

Rocky Slavens - Assistant to TJ - Sharpshooter extraordinaire with superb tracking and survival skills

Rob Price - Head Tracker

Chico Martinez - Navy Seal/Survival Expert

Jim Snell - Field Response Team Member and
Founder of Granite State Paranormal

Jim Dawson - Documentarian, Photographer and Film Crew Leader

Doyle Halcomb - Forensic interviews, investigations, weapons and field medic specialist. A retired State Trooper Officer

Lee Joyner -- North Texas Lead Investigator

Larry Woody – Technical Specialist and Field Investigator

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