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Merger Candidate Identified - Negotiations Initiated
Fall Bigfoot Search Expedition Announced
Plans To Extinguish Debt Underway

Brutal Bigfoot Release Date Confirmed

Complaint Filed Against New To The Street

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July 20, 2018 -- Bigfoot Project Investments Inc. traded on the OTC markets under the ticker symbol BGFT has received confirmation of the release date for the first of five films in the series know as "Brutal Bigfoot" from their distributor. The distributor is now in the process of a media campaign for the film and has asked BGFT not to disclose the actual release date. We are glad to announce that it will be released soon and look forward to a positive fan reaction to this found footage film production.

August 2018 new Bigfoot movie

Bigfoot Project Investments Inc. has filed a complaint against FMW Media Works (New To The Street) for breach of contract. The defendant was personally served with the complaint June 29th. Details on the case can not be released while it is in litigation.

The Searching for Bigfoot expedition team is gearing up for the fall expedition, we are in the process of collecting eye witness accounts as well has pictorial, and physical evidence to plan our next exploration route across the United States. Go to the website for instructions on reporting your encounters. You could be one of the lucky ones that the team meets, investigates with and shares information with. Be rewarded with your very own Searching for Bigfoot merchandise for your contribution to the research of the mysterious creature known as Bigfoot.

You can also be featured on out blog talk radio show, listen every Wednesday night at 7 pm Pacific. Real people reporting real encounters every week.

Merger candidate has been identified as a good fit for our business model. Initial due diligence has been completed by Veyo Parthers. They have initiated negotiations with a company that will enhance our financials and provide new revenue and investigation opportunities for BGFT.

Negotiations are underway with current convertible notes holders. The company plans to extinguish the debt without any additional shares being issued. August 28, 2017 note with Power Up Lending fully converted June 26th. Reserve shares were subsequently released and note was closed out.

Contact the Searching for Bigfoot expedition team to report your encounters and be included in the next expedition!

For More Information Contact:

Sara Reynolds, CFO Bigfoot Project Investments Inc.
Phone: (816) 269-0777

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