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Kids Love Bigfoot
San Antonio Spectrum News Covers Round Rock, Texas Bigfoot Expedition Event

Family Activity Event Gets Kids Outdoors

Round Rock Hosts Expedition: Find Bigfoot Saturday Evening
By Elizabeth Jeneault
Sunday, July 16, 2017

SEE San Antonio Spectrum News Report

ROUND ROCK, Texas -- The city of Round Rock hosted Expedition: Find Bigfoot Saturday night. It was an event culminating all the recent Bigfoot 'sightings' in the area. Kids came out in droves for their chance to spot Bigfoot in Round Rock Saturday night at the city's Expedition: Find Bigfoot event.

The kids said they heard all about the recent 'sightings' and just had to join in on the hunt.

"Right when I heard of Bigfoot, I just got so interested in it," said Reed Bales, an eight-year-old.

The Round Rock Parks and Recreation Department is glad its Bigfoot campaign is working. They launched it last month.

Park rangers spot 'Bigfoot' in Round Rock, ask kids to help track him down

"We really created this Bigfoot expedition program to get kids outdoors and off video games and so far, it has worked. Our park rangers report hundreds, if not thousands, of family members walking through our trails and coming to our parks in Round Rock," said Roger Heaney, a communications specialist with the city.

Saturday night's event was a celebration of the campaign and all the recent 'sightings.' The parks department even brought in expert Bigfoot trackers to help families search. The experts scour the country 10 months out of the year, looking for proof of the creature. "I've had seven encounters up close and personal in my tenure of 50 years. The ones that we've had really close were the ones in Paris, Texas," said Tom Biscardi, founder and CEO of Search for Bigfoot.

Bigfoot event in Round Rock Texas

The kids who showed up to search in Round Rock had their own personal encounter with the hairy beast. Eight-year-old Bales used one word to describe what he saw.

"Awesome. It has to be real," said Bales.

A Day With Bigfoot: Bigfoot Project Investments Inc. Teams Up With
Round Rock, Texas Parks and Recreation Department For Bigfoot Event

July 11, 2017 - See Source News Release -- Bigfoot Project Investments Inc. (BGFT) the industry leader in producing award winning documentaries about the elusive creature known as Bigfoot is teaming up with the Round Rock Texas Parks and Recreation Department for a Day With Bigfoot.

See Round Rock Texas Parks and Recreation Department Site Event Page
and Register for the Walking Tours Online

Bigfoot event in Round Rock Texas
See Bigfoot Event Flyer

Find Bigfoot event Saturday, July 15 at Old Settlers Park from 7:00pm to 11:00pm.
The event is FREE to attend with no registration required.

The Searching for Bigfoot Team is joining with Texas Parks and Rec in Old Settlers Park to provide tours and educate hunters in the art of casting prints, finding, collecting and preserving evidence, the family event is free.

Bigfoot Expedition Walking Tours are just $5 per person. Tours will be led by Searching for Bigfoot Inc. team members and our very own Park Rangers.

Come meet the Searching For Bigfoot expedition team members and learn how they hunt the creature. Join in the video presentation of locations, evidence and findings over the past few years. On display will be a small portion of the museum quality evidence gathered that will be displayed in the Hotel/Museum in Montana. Come see the suit from the 2008 Georgia hoax as well as casts of footprints, equipment used, and unknown hair samples and various other evidence gathered throughout the United States.

Bigfoot event in Round Rock Texas

The tours will be led by Searching for Bigfoot researchers whose expedition team travels across the country investigating, interviewing, surveying Bigfoot sighting locations and collecting evidence on current and past encounters. Learn tracking techniques and evidence collection. Let's join in the effort to acquaint our youth with the great outdoors! The Parks and Recreation are trying to get today's youth out of doors to educate them about the wonders of nature.

The Bigfoot Project Investments Inc. expedition team is heading back out looking to present the $1,000,000 Bigfoot Bounty for information leading to the capture of a bona fide creature (Sasquatch/Bigfoot/Yeti/skunk ape). The searching for Bigfoot expedition team will be starting the 2017 summer expedition the second week of July, call us with your sightings so we can make sure to come see you.

Don't hesitate to catch TJ in an interview on the Morning Dose TV News Show. We will continue to be in the news throughout our expedition promoting the Company, the Creature and our related projects. Watch the Interview:

After the event, the team will once again be heading out in the field to research the creature and begin filming of the new "Dark and Violent World of Bigfoot". Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas are on the schedule for the team to be meeting with witnesses, investigating recent sightings, and collecting evidence in an effort to secure bona-fide evidence that the creature exists. Each feature film will detail two real life stories in which the creature is suspected of committing violent acts. That's right the creature is not always the benevolent beast that is portrayed in most of the stories produced. We are going to show the world the news articles, the case files from NCIC, including incidents of mutations of the creature at nuclear reactor facilities, the real life events of the creature protecting itself when it was backed in a corner.

If you have had a recent sighting, visit our website to enter the Bigfoot Bounty promotion for your chance to win.

For More Information Contact:

Sara Reynolds
Bigfoot Project Investments Inc.
816 269-0777 or
816 442-3364

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Notice: The $1,000,000 Bigfoot Bounty is being underwritten by Odds On Promotions, a contest and promotion insurance company. See complete details on the Bigfoot Bounty Page

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