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The Searching For Bigfoot Live Capture Team Conducts Bigfoot Expeditions Where We Travel Across The USA and Go Deep Into The Wilderness To Investigate Evidence of New Bigfoot Sightings, Encounters and Events To Prove That Bigfoot Exists. These videos are from our expeditions and news media covering Bigfoot sightings and encounters.

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Bigfoot Sightings, Encounters, Expeditions and News Videos

The Searching For Bigfoot Team is a Bigfoot sightings and encounters investigation and live capture team. They conduct Bigfoot research, tracking and hunting expeditions across the USA. We investigate and interview Bigfoot encounter reports. When enough evidence has been assembled the Team will survey, explore, analize, camp out in, stake out and set up cameras and traps in locations where current and past Bigfoot sightings and encounters have occured. Expeditions go deep into remote wilderness locations to explore places where the creature has been sighted.

Team members include a former Army Ranger, a retired Navy SEAL, a retired Chief Fraud Investigator and thermal imaging expert, and an ex-Marine sniper. Their goal is to prove to the public the creature does exist, and capture Bigfoot.

These Bigfoot Videos Are From
Our Expeditions and News Coverage Of Our Expeditions

Winter 2017 Expedition Launches. See The Expedition Page

Winter 2016 Bigfoot Expedition Page
See Pictures, Videos and Interviews with People Who Encountered Bigfoot

Spring 2016 Bigfoot Expedition Page
The REAL Finding Bigfoot Dream Team: TJ Biscardi, Rocky Slavens, Jeremy Gibson and Lee Joyner Investigate Bigfoot sightings and encounters in Arkansas, Missouri, Minnesota, North Carolina and Points in between .

Summer 2015 Bigfoot Expedition Page

Summer 2015 Bigfoot Expedition Videos

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Real Bigfoot Encounters and Sightings Investigatons For Bigfoot Cam Placement In North Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky And Arkansas

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Bigfoot Videos
News Video Coverage Of Bigfoot Sasquatch Sightings Across The United States

Bigfoot Found Footage Video: PURSUIT - The Search For Bigfoot - See More

Holy Hill, Washington County, Wisconsin
Bigfoot Video Dear Carcass Stolen TMJ News Channel 4

Sasquatch Tracks In The Snow Video
Torch River, Saskatchewan, Canada

See Canadian Sighting Article
See Additional Sasquatch Snow Tracks Video

Atoka County, Caney, Oklahoma
Bigfoot Video News First Channel 12

More Bigfoot Video from Atoka County,
Caney, Oklahoma News First Channel 12

Day 3 Bigfoot Video from Atoka County,
Caney, Oklahoma News First Channel 12

Funks Grove, Illinois
Bigfoot Video HOI News Channel 19

More Bigfoot Sightings and Encounters Videos From News Stations Across The USA

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Bigfoot Videos Page 2

Bigfoot Videos Page 3

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