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After extensive research in the history of a noted Bigfoot sighting in Nevada, the Godfather of Bigfoot Hunters has assembled his team to investigate target sites

June 6, 2019 - Searching For Bigfoot, Inc. releases news on Nevada Bigfoot sightings and encounters.

For those who are fans of Jeopardy, the Red-Headed Giants came to their attention just recently through the question regarding artifacts found in the Lovelock Cave area. The legend of the Red-Headed Giants is well known among the Native American Indians, it is apparent that researchers for the TV show Jeopardy have done their homework with a question that has ignited the Crypo world. The question being "Found by minor of this, aka bat poop, it's bat poop crazy that the artifacts of Lovelock Cave led to a legend of Red-Headed Giants."

Nevada Bigfoot sightings news

The question was brought to the attention of Tom Biscardi, the Godfather of Bigfoot hunters. Who initiated his own investigation to find out the history behind the question. The area had already come to his attention from eye-witness reports of large footprints in excess of 20 inches long and brief glimpses of red haired giants.

Mr. Biscardi is assembling his top investigators including those specializing in the paranormal world to bring to the world what evidence they gather in their research of the noted sights in Nevada.

They will be investigating Lovelock Cave, Fallon, and Winnemucca, as well as noted sights in Virginia City (Silver Queen Hotel, Silver Terrace Cemetery, Gold Hill Hotel, etc.) and surrounding areas. The Silver Queen Hotel received attention for the paranormal activity reported there through Zak Bagans of Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel. This investigation will be the basis of the next documentary titled Monsters, Myths and Mysteries.

Mr. Biscardi invites media members that are not faint of heart to join him in the investigation. Mr. Biscardi will be available for personal interviews while scouting new locations for his upcoming documentary in and near Reno Nevada June 7th, 8th and 9th. Please contact the corporate office to be added to his schedule.

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