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Second New Bigfoot Movie In Series To Begin Filming In Montana
The Bigfoot SAGA Continues The Second in the Dark and Violent Series

October 16, 2017 - See News Release Source -- September 6, 2017 / -- Bigfoot Project Investments, Inc. (BGFT) continues the production contract with their distributor to do four more "Sinister Sasquatch Stories".

We have all heard the stories of chance encounters that result in blurry pictures and videos. Like most wild creatures Bigfoot also has a violent side when cornered or protecting it's territory. Those are the stories that the team has collected over the years and are using as the basis of this newly movie collection. Many of the stories have been documented on local and national crime data bases and police reports have been taken but these are seldom in the news.

The locations and stories for the second of five movies have been identified and the script is almost complete. The backdrop for the second movie will be the mountain ranges of Montana, near an area that has been well known as one of the many "Bigfoot Alleys". The stories from the local tribes have been collected and assessed for credibility and the most intriguing have been identified and incorporated into the script.

The Godfather of Bigfoot hunters will be scouting the area prior to the teams arrival to identify the best locations for the scenes. The team has been in the area several times and has established a connection with the local tribes and the Park authorities. They are excited to have the team back and assist in the production of the movie that shows the side of the creature that most of the public has never even heard of. With the fires burning in the North West there is an increased probability of the team encountering a creature during their scouting activities. The team will be using the drones, infrared cameras and scopes as well as other detecting devices. The Godfather himself and his Bigfoot expedition team are available for television, radio and print interviews while on the trail. The Godfather and his "A" team will be available to field all questions related to Bigfoot and the million dollar Bigfoot bounty.

The first of the series was filmed in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas and is based on "True Stories" about the creature known as Bigfoot. In this film, radiation seeping into the creeks and rivers from a defunct experimental nuclear plant is the backdrop for this dark story involving Men in Black cover-ups of mutilations, mutations and a number of killings involving young adults. Look for this feature length film as the first of five to be released Winter 2017, the first ever of its kind.

Tom Biscardi the "Godfather" will be going back to Ohio to continue to assist in the the second agreement for the 6 existing Bigfoot DVD documentaries to be re-released as a series with new packaging and new introductions narrated by Tom Biscardi. Classic Bigfoot Films scheduled for re-release are:

* Bigfoot Lives
* Bigfoot Lives 2
* Bigfoot Lives 3
* In The Shadow Of Bigfoot
* Hoax Of The Century
* Anatomy Of A Bigfoot Hoax

Searching for Bigfoot, a division of Bigfoot Project Investments Inc., is proud to announce they have been working with the Department of Parks & Recreation in various cities in Texas with an ambitious campaign directly aimed at getting the children away from video games and television and back to nature. The first city has been identified and the scheduling of the event has been started. Round Rock, Texas played host to this first ever of its kind. It was a big success! See News Coverage of this event Here. This endeavor will continue to be fun, informative and very profitable for all by creating a new revenue stream for the Company.

Bigfoot Project Investments Inc. is a public company with the ticker symbol of BGFT.

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