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The Bigfoot SAGA Continues -- The Godfather of Bigfoot is back on the road researching for the "Dark and Violent World of Bigfoot" project, Biscardi Biography and re-release of the 6 DVD package to be labeled as the "Biscardi Bigfoot" brand. Work has also begun on the 5 new Bigfoot movies.

REDWOOD CITY, CA, UNITED STATES, June 16, 2017 / -- The Godfather of Bigfoot is on the road revisiting the wife of his former mentor for research and recollections to be included in his Biography, and following the Bigfoot Hi-way through Happy Camp to Willow Creek. Bluff Creek is one of the stops that the Bigfoot world is very familiar with.

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Returning to the Bluff Creek location is paramount to the re-release of the six DVD package that will be labeled as the "Biscardi Bigfoot" brand. The Hoax of the Century details the making of the footage that was shown on the Johnny Carson Show in October 1967. Since that film was released many members of the Bigfoot world have considered it the "Holy Grail" of evidence proving that the creature exists.

The Hoax of the Century interviews the key players in the making of the film including the person who financed it, the person who made the suit, the person who wore the suit and details how the suit was altered to make it appear as real as possible. The movie also describes in detail the background of Roger Patterson including, rodeo, leather working, his close neighbor's impressions of his character or lack thereof (also described in Greg Long's book), and his criminal activity which even included the theft of the camera that the film was taken with.

The work has begun on the movies that will be produced, locations are being identified and scripting has been drafted. Five movies will be produced based on stories of sightings collected.

The team will be in Ohio and Pennsylvania next week researching sightings along the current migratory route.

Attention: The Bigfoot Project Investments Inc. expedition team is heading back out looking to present the $1,000,000 Bigfoot Bounty for the information leading to the capture of a bona fide creature (Sasquatch/Bigfoot/Yeti/skunk ape). The searching for Bigfoot expedition team will be starting the 2017 summer expedition the first week of July, call us with your sightings so we can make sure to come see you.

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