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New Bigfoot Movie Filming
Pursuing the Red Haired Giants at Lovelock Cave -- See News



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BRUTAL BIGFOOT MOVIE Trailer Released -- Watch Now


"Brutal Bigfoot: Mutilations and Mutations", The First of Five Films in Our New Bigfoot Movies Series

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Second New Bigfoot Movie Filming Underway -- See News

Second New Bigfoot Movie In Series To Begin Filming In Montana -- See News

New Bigfoot Movies News -- Dark and Violent Side of Bigfoot

Filming Completed on First of 5 New Fact Based Bigfoot Movies in the "Dark and Violent Side of Bigfoot" Series -- See News

Bigfoot Movie Distribution Sales Agreement Signed

Includes 5 New Films and 6 Classic Bigfoot Films Re-Release DVDs and VOD To Be Sold Worldwide -- See News

PURSUIT - The Search For Bigfoot

For The First Time Ever -- The Real Bigfoot Hunter, Tom Biscardi (3 Time Documentary Award Winner), does a Pseudo Documentary, Found Footage Finding Bigfoot Movie.

TOP Found Footage Bigfoot Movie - In the Realm Of "The Blair Witch Project" Style.
Everything IS Real. There Are NO Actors. There Are NO Fake Locations. There Are NO Created Stories.

In October 2012, a journal is discovered that documents a series or Bigfoot Sightings across the US. The detailed entries provide witness names, locations and testimonials of each creature encounter. In an effort to prove, or debunk the journal entries, Lue Simcoe and friend Chris Gordon begin to research the data. Their search brings them to Tom Biscardi (The Bigfoot Hunter) who agrees to follow the trail of sightings listed in the journal. They encounter drama, intrigue, racial tension and government cover-ups.

Watch As This Pursuit Adventure Turns Into A Trip THEY WILL SOON REGRET!
What you see is a videotape record of their journey. --- See More - Get It

In The Shadow Of Bigfoot

Own Expert Testimony Interviews and Evidence Investigations Of Bigfoot

#1 Best Seller and The One Movie All Bigfoot Fans Agree -- You Must Have!

In The Shadow of Bigfoot is the culmination of the efforts of Tom Biscardi, Ivan Marx, and Dr. Warren Cook to dispel any and all doubts about the existence of Bigfoot. While the film delves into technical analysis of various Bigfoot sightings and documentation, it is easy to understand, and well worth watching.

See The Clean, Crisp Images on digitally remastered video from the source -- Searching For Bigfoot, Inc. Order this video today, and help find Bigfoot by supporting the ongoing research expeditions of Tom Biscardi and The Searching For Bigfoot Team --- See More - Get It

Bigfoot Lives

EVERYTHING You Thought You Knew About Bigfoot Is About To Change!!

Tom Biscardi and Director Todd Douglas Baily Present: BIGFOOT LIVES

Awarded Best Documentary Pocono Mountain Film Festival

Follow the travels of the world renowned Bigfoot hunter, Tom Biscardi and his Searching for Bigfoot team. You are there as we search the country from Montana to New York to find of the world's most elusive and mysterious creature -- Bigfoot.

Tom Biscardi has been in search for Bigfoot for close to 34 years and you will see what he has found during his expeditions as he releases his findings to the world. Director Todd Douglas Bailey takes you deeper into the world of Bigfoot then ever before in this this ground-breaking living documentary --- See More - Get It

Bigfoot Lives 2

Own First Time Seen Footage Of The Creature
Join Bigfoot Investigations and Hunting Adventures Across The United States.
Now You Can See What We Caught On Camera In Paris, Texas

Big Foot Lives 2 continues the adventures of the renowned Bigfoot Hunter Tom Biscardi and his Searching For Bigfoot Team, finding and investigating reports of unknown creature Bigfoot sightings throughout the United States. This sequel to the Award Winning Bigfoot Lives (2007 Best Documentary Pocono Mountain Film Festival) follows in-depth finding Bigfoot expeditions. See for the first time what we caught on camera in Paris, Texas.

Search for the Honey Island Swamp Monster with gator hunter Terral Evans (History Channel's Swamp People) in Louisiana. Meet a monster with attitude in the Land Between the Lakes, Kentucky.

Now from the Lizardman of Scape Ore Swamp, South Carolina, to a unknown beast killing cattle in Alabama, to the Florida Everglades -- You ARE THERE With The Searching For Bigfoot Team! --- See More - Get It

Bigfoot Lives 3

Investigations of 5 Famous Bigfoot Sighting Locations

See eyewitnesses to something the world thinks does not exist. These People KNOW IT DOES!

Follow the Searching for Bigfoot Team as they continue the quest for this elusive creature. See eyewitnesses to something the world thinks does not exist. These People know it does! Five locations from Illinois to Arizona including:

The Beast of Bray Road Elkhom, Wisconsin
Footprints and Sightings at White Mountain Apache Tribe Reservation Fort Apache, Arizona
The Creature Of Holy Hill, Wisconsin
The Dupont Monster Morris, Illinois and
The Incident at Funks Grove, Illinois

--- See More - Get It ---

Hoax Of The Century

Discover The Truth About The Patterson Gimlin Film

"We Will Show YOU The Proof!!!

For over 45 years the world has been fooled by two men, Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin. They and a group of people were complicit in creating an Iconic legend based on lies and deception. This group of people created an image that was perpetrated upon the public as a hoax for monetary benefit.

Find out the truth now. Hear and see witnesses. Hear and see testimonial interviews. The general public has been deceived and lied to years -- And now you can own the true, real story -- The Bigfoot Movie Hoax Of The Century REVEALS The TRUTH --- See More - Get It

Anatomy Of A Bigfoot Hoax

The REAL Story of What Happened

Own The Real Story And Find Out For Yourself What Happened On August 15, 2008 - The Bigfoot Black Friday

Anatomy Of A Bigfoot Hoax covers the 7th largest media event of the year. $13,000,000 bounty on the Bigfoot Body had mercenaries, police and helicopters searching for the Searching For Bigfoot Team. Here is the REAL STORY of everything that happened before, during and after. Examine the despicable body parts inside a rubber suite. Find out about effect it had on everyone.

From Top Bigfoot Field Reporter:

"But I had one nagging question ... was the film recreated or were all of the events being recorded in actual time? I spoke to Tom again and asked him that question and he said,

'Doll, I never re-create anything! What you see is what you get.'

I highly recommend watching this DVD and then forming an opinion. Every story has 2 sides --- See More - Get It